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From over two decades of playing Dungeons and Dragons in its many forms as well as other Role Playing Games, I have had the privilege of playing under many different Game Masters as well run countless adventures under several systems myself.  One of the most tedious tasks most people encounter when playing Role Playing Games is the act of creating characters.  For a long time however, this task was one of my most rewarding experiences.  It is the simple task of forming a creation to my own will, as complete and complex as possible, that I have learned to enjoy over the years.  

Class and Race stereotypes mean nothing to someone who enjoys creating unique characters.  Even a weakness can be fun to role-play if careful thought is put into a characters background and motivations.  Unusual choices for character skill and feat selection may also bolster a character's flavor in the game environment.  A wizard whose first feat is Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Greatsword makes for a formidable character even without the chief benefits of the primary class.  A dexterous fighter who puts skill points into Hide and Move Silently is more versatile than a great clubbing behemoth who runs blindly into battle.

Players are urged to be familiar with the game basics and mechanics before beginning to task of character creation unaided.  For those who do not have a firm grasp on the basics, or are planning to play in a unique campaign world are encouraged to create their characters with the aid of their Dungeon Master.  Also, to keep jealousy and avarice to a minimum, all character rolls should be made in the presence of the other players.  I've seen campaigns fall apart due to players who felt their characters were inferior or felt they were.

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