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Below is an "at a glance" guide to Dragons in Traykon



Breath Weapon


Otherworld Alias *

Amber Dragon Lawful Neutral Lightning extinct Forest, Oak, & Field Dragon
Black Dragon Chaotic Evil Acid Swamps Swamp & Night Dragon
Blue Dragon Neutral Lightning Lakes and Streams Azure Dragon
Fairy Dragon Neutral Good Confusion magic Deep Woods Pseudodragon
Fire Dragon Chaotic Evil Flames Dragon Mountains Red, Ruby, & Lava Dragon
Forest Dragon Lawful Evil Poison Gas Elven Forest Green & Emerald Dragon
Ice Dragon Neutral Evil Freezing blast Cold Mountains Frost & White Dragon
Sea Dragon Neutral Superheated Steam Oceans Ocean & Deepwater Dragon
Silver Dragon Chaotic Good Supercooled Air Clouds and High Peaks Sky & Quicksilver Dragon
Stone Dragon Chaotic Neutral Sonic blast Underground Earth Dragon
Sun Dragon Lawful Good Superheated Air Desert and Mountains Gold, Bronze, & Desert Dragon
Twilight Dragon Neutral Evil Negative Energy Gas Unique Dragon (Any) Death, Night, & Deep Dragon

* Otherworld Alias: This refers to the common names that the dragons have been known by in other worlds. Some dragons have been drawn from other worlds into Traykon and may still go by their older names. Although dragons may go by a familiar name in another world, they only look like and are similar to Traykon's dragons. For instance, the Twilight Dragon is unique but players who hear it described as having dark purple scales may think of dragons from other realms.

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