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When T'lor raised the Veil, Arcane magic drained from Traykon. Items that contained these arcane energies were rounded up and destroyed by the Magehunters. Clerics were known to still create magic items, but nothing extremely powerful. Some aspect of the veil interfered with item creation so no extremely powerful items were made.

Not all arcane items were found by the Magehunters. Powerful Runic items were known to exist. These items defied the Magehunter's attempts to find them. Also, the few remaining wizards and sorcerers hid what items they could find away in vaults hoping for a better future. Powerful nobles and kings managed to keep some items out of the fanatic's hands. Due to the castigation of arcane magic wielders, magic items are uncommon and in general the powerful items are in the hands of nobility, the wealthy, or the clergy.

With the weakening of the Veil, and the return of arcane spellcasters, Arcane magic items are being seen again on Traykon. However, many commoners and adventurers alike distrust these new items. Priests are beginning to discover that their magic now will power grander creations.

As the powers align once again for a great confrontation, the inhabitants of Traykon are seeing magical items returning into use. Old magic items are reappearing, new magics are being created, and the items of Legend have returned.

Legendary Items

Legendary Items are unique in Traykon. These items generally were created either during the height of Valislad or in the ages gone before. These items are believed to still exist as the Magehunters and other factions have either been unable to track them down or they are too well protected. Some of these items are magical artifacts which are so powerful their destruction requires unique circumstances.

Magic Items

Although rare, these items may not be unique. In some cases they are relics left over from another time. A few are creations that have surfaced in the wake of the fading veil.

Divine Artifacts

These were created by deities for the use of their minions. Never intended to be used by mortals, these items are reserved for the express use of divine proxies. However careful deities are, there have been rare occasions were one of these items have fallen into mortal hands. Normally either the entity who lost the item or another just like it is sent to retrieve the item. Only in extreme circumstances will a deity directly move to recover a lost item.

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