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 Sporadic or Event Festivals

Burial Celebration This event is held after rural funerals.  Towns will hold revels in honor of the fallen.  At the conclusion of the revel, couples travel together out into the surrounding land and have intercourse.  The first child born of this union is considered the reborn soul of the deceased.  The families are brought together as one and the community becomes closer.  The child becomes heir to anything left behind by the deceased if one is not already established, and the deceased family treats the child as the child of the deceased.
Noble Birthing This event is held when a noble family has the birth of the first child.  The subjects of the noble family hold feasts all night long in honor of the child.  If the child is a boy, the custom tends to be to name the day after the boy and celebrate it every year until his 16th birthday.  It is considered honorable for the noble family to travel amongst the subjects the next day with the newborn and show the child to the populace.
Chak'na One of the barbaric marriage customs celebrated in the barbarian kingdoms is known as Chak'na.  The custom is that the night before the wedding, the groom is taken to a special location where the bridesmaids pleasure the groom as a remembrance of everything that he is giving up.  The bride is not allowed to go along on this night.  The night of the wedding, the chief is allowed the first night with the bride to "bless" the union.
Rite of Claiming Many humanoid barbaric tribes have this ritual as a way to settle disputes.  If a person is wronged or just wants something belonging to another, then he formally challenges the other party to personal combat.  If one person gets the other into a killing situation, he can claim his prize and the other party has to accept or get killed.  Many humanoids would rather die than give up their prize possessions.  If a mate is claimed this way, the children may claim the rite of revenge against the offender when they come of age.  This is combat between all the children and the person who "claimed" their mother.  It is always a fight to the death.
Alms Day In the larger cities, it is common for the church to hold mass that is open to the public once a month.  On these days, the nobility brings copper pieces and gives them out to the poor of the city.  The constabulary of the city comes out in force on these days to keep the commoners from venting their wrath on the nobility.  Mostly, it is a celebration where the nobility tries to outdo each other in donating to the poor.  Some wealthy individuals even bring common tools and foodstuffs to hand out to the downtrodden.  It is a game amongst the nobility where they rate the grovelers and place bets on who can get the greatest shows of prostration from the crowd.

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