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T'loric Holidays

Harvest Festival Sarir 10 The Harvest Festival is celebrated throughout the kingdoms.  It is considered the end of the old year.  Typical celebrations include wild parties held in the streets of the cities and feasts held in the countryside.  It is also called Spirit Night and is the time of year most feared for summoning up the dead.  Those cultures who worship their ancestors do hold this night most holy.
Neraska's Turning Valir 27 Neraska's Turning is celebrated as the defeat of the night goddess Neraska.  Men are considered unsafe on this night as women called "Neraska's Children" roam the streets looking for stray men.  Men caught by the women are sexually assaulted then killed.  No one knows who these women are and the authorities have never caught one.  Most kingdoms just advise their men to stay indoors.
Syn's Dawn Mandir 4 Syn's Dawn is a festival as old as the goddess herself.  It is rarely observed in cities but the rural citizens still hold it sacred.  On this night, all the single men and women between the ages of 16 and 30 in the surrounding villages gather at the local lord's house.  Everyone wears masks and don clothes to hide their identity.  It is a night filled with revelry and drinking.  At the hour of the Wolf, a great gong is struck and the females choose a male from the gathering.  The couple retires to the fields around the home and join in making a child.  Children born from this festival are considered lucky.  Children born on this night are considered blessed by the goddess.  This festival has led to many of the half-breeds in the world.
Day of Sorrows Granir 15 This day marks the remembrance of the start of the Mage Wars.  Spellcasters never use spells in public and Arcane practice is considered illegal on this day.  Offenders are normally stoned to death by the populace.  In old times, the priests of T'loric would travel throughout the land searching for Mages and collecting "tribute" from local lords.
The Sending Erinir 6 On this day, the priests of T'loric would gather together taking the Arcane prisoners from every kingdom to a secret location.  There they would pierce the Veil and send these prisoners into beyond where they sent the great mages before them.  It was widely believed that on this day, the veil could be pierced if the priests were not vigilant.  Since the decline of the priesthood, this day has passed without commemoration.  Most peasants will even say a prayer and do signs against evil to try and keep the evil at bay.  Arcane casters don't uses their spells for fear of activating the Veil and getting taken prisoner by the dead priesthood.
Dark Piety Minir 17 The priesthood of The Unnamed One use this day to communicate with their dark god.  At midnight, the populace believes that the dark priests raid graveyards to create more of their hideous undead.  No non-believer of The Unnamed One knows for sure what the priesthood does on this night.  All that is known is that the priesthood gathers together and goes off into remote areas of the world.  Good priests are mostly afraid to interfere with the dark activities.  The last lord to take action against the group that night, woke up the next morning next to a ghoul who used to be his wife.  Few commoners venture out on this night if it can be avoided.  Tales abound of travelers who simply disappear from their camps in the dark of night.
There are several other Festivals associated with specific regions and Kingdoms.  These are just the Festivals that are near universal in the world.  Many places also celebrate the solstice and other natural Festivals.

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