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Traykon is a unique world where magic rampaged across the surface of the land for centuries.  Just over 500 years ago, a divine entity emerged and with the aid of its mortal followers erected a veil of protection over the land.  This mystical veil shrouded the land in an impenetrable barrier that ripped from the world all practitioners of arcane magic.  Sequestered in a void of shadow, the arcane lords of Traykon had no contact outside of their divine prison.  The land itself rebuilt and tried to heal the scars of cataclysmic magical forces that had run rampant for far too long.

Now is the new age of man.  A time when the veil has begun to weaken and arcane arts are returning to a world that has learned to loath and mistrust them.  Ancient enemies, separated by an impassible sea now begin to resurrect their wars.  Mortal kingdoms grow stronger each year and with the return of the arcane art, petty tyrants and noble kings alike struggle to retain their kingdoms amid new and vicious enemies.

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