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Many of these organizations listed below can be considered as more than one type of organization.  For example, the Starless Night is a Military and Religious organization.  I have listed them only once under their predominant category.  Although the classes listed under Typical Followers are the most common Character Classes that join these orders, often other classes will be able to put their skills to use within the organizations.

Religious Organizations Typical Followers Description
Guardians of the Grave Monks, Clerics, Paladins, Rangers Guardians of the Grave have learned how to turn the inner Ki energy into a deadly weapon against unnatural creatures.  The Guardians have swore an oath to protect the order of the universe from the destructive influence of the undead.
Children of the Land Clerics, Druids, Monks, Rangers Children of the Land revere nature in all its forms.  They hold nature itself as sacred and seek to become one with the natural world.

Military Organizations Typical Followers Description
The Silver Palm Monks, Paladins Membership in the Silver Palm is never very high.  The reason tends to be their near suicidal tendency to always end up in harms way.  The Silver Palm never "play it safe."  They never let others act when they are still capable.
Starless Night Clerics, Fighters, Paladins, Rangers The Starless Knight is a militant order dedicated to the God Arum.  Their oath is to protect the weak, seek out the wicked, and punish the wrongdoer.  

Philosophical Organizations Typical Followers Description
Order of the Crimson Way Monks, Fighters, Rogues The Crimson Way stands for the furtherance of evil in Traykon.  The most fearsome aspect about the Crimson Way is the fact that evil is not so much a turn of the heart, but a philosophical choice.  
Order of the Blue Rose Monks The Order of the Blue Rose teaches its devout that the strong must rule the weak.  Unlike priestly orders that preach the word of a single god, or tyrannical leaders who claim might makes right, the Order of the Blue Rose believe that it is the natural order of things that the strong rule the weak.

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