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Table: Estimating Runic Magic Item Gold Piece Values

Effect Base Price Example
Ability bonus (enhancement) Bonus squared x 1,000 gp Belt of incredible dexterity 2
Armor bonus (enhancement) Bonus squared x 1,000 gp +1 chainmail
Bonus spell Spell level squared x 1,000 gp Pearl of power
AC bonus (deflection) Bonus squared x 2,000 gp Ring of protection 3
AC bonus (other)1 Bonus squared x 2,500 gp Ioun stone (dusty rose prism)
Natural armor bonus (enhancement) Bonus squared x 2,000 gp Amulet of natural armor 1
Save bonus (resistance) Bonus squared x 1,000 gp Cloak of resistance 5
Save bonus (other)1 Bonus squared x 2,000 gp Stone of good luck
Skill bonus (competence) Bonus squared x 100 gp Cloak of elvenkind
Spell resistance 10,000 gp per point over SR 12; SR 13 minimum Mantle of spell resistance
Weapon bonus (enhancement) Bonus squared x 2,000 gp +1 longsword
Spell Effect Base Price Example
Single use, spell completion Spell level x caster level x 25 gp Scroll of haste
Single use, use-activated Spell level x caster level x 50 gp Potion of cure light wounds
Command word Spell level x caster level x 1,800 gp Cape of the mountebank
Use-activated or continuous Spell level x caster level x 2,000 gp2 Lantern of revealing
Special Base Price Adjustment Example
Charges per day Divide by (5 divided by charges per day) Boots of teleportation
No space limitation3 Multiply entire cost by 2 Ioun stone
Multiple different abilities Multiply lower item cost by 1.5 Helm of brilliance
Component Extra Cost Example
Armor, shield, or weapon Add cost of masterwork item +1 composite longbow
Spell has material component cost Add directly into price of item per charge 4 Wand of stoneskin
Spell Level: A 0-level spell is half the value of a 1st-level spell for determining price.
1 Such as a luck, insight, sacred, or profane bonus.
2 If a continuous item has an effect based on a spell with a duration measured in rounds, multiply the cost by 4. If the duration of the spell is 1 minute/level, multiply the cost by 2, and if the duration is 10 minutes/level, multiply the cost by 1.5. If the spell has a 24-hour duration or greater, divide the cost in half.
3 An item that does not take up one of the spaces on a body costs double.
4 If item is continuous or unlimited, not charged, determine cost as if it had 100 charges. If it has some daily limit, determine as if it had 50 charges.

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