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T'loric Time

Since the rise of the priesthood of T'lor, they have kept their own calendar and conventions separate from the accepted Valislad Calendar.  Only the days of the week were the same between the two calendar's.  After the fall of Valislad, the T'loric priests were few of the groups who traveled freely and their calendar began to be adopted by most merchants and commoners.  After the Veil, Valislad's last shreds of power was extinguished and the T'loric way of keeping time was excepted by most of the common folk. 

T'loric Calendar

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T'loric Time
T'loric Calendar
Special Festivals
Days are counted from sunup to the next sunup.
Hound's Moon 1 - 28 Winter Kadir
Blue Moon 29 - 56 Winter Valir
Ice Moon 57 - 85 Winter Justir
Griffin's Moon 86 - 113 Winter Fabrir
Mother's Moon 114 - 146 Spring Mandir
Green Moon 147 - 180 Spring Alfir
Battle Moon 181 - 210 Summer Granir
Wyvern's Moon 211 - 243 Summer Balisdir
Fire Moon 244 - 271 Summer Erinir
Storm Moon 272 - 299 Summer Salir
Ghoul's Moon 300 - 325 Fall Minir
Harvest Moon 326 - 355 Fall Gvalir
Blood Moon 356 - 365 Fall Sarir
* Most common names were taken from the first syllable of a king's name.

Days of the Week

Munda Tenie Welda Thunra Firda Sacre Selei
Based upon our 24 hour day
01:00 Hour of the Bat
02:00 Hour of the Witch
03:00 Hour of the Jackal
04:00 Hour of Silence
05:00 Hour of the Wolf
06:00 Hour of the Deer
07:00 Hour of the Rooster
08:00 Hour of the Dragon
09:00 Hour of the Golem
10:00 Hour of the Rodent
11:00 Hour of the Specter
12:00 Belos's Kiss
13:00 Hour of the Badger
14:00 Hour of the Lynx
15:00 Hour of the Wyvern
16:00 Hour of Honor
17:00 Hour of the Salamander
18:00 Hour of the Bear
19:00 Hour of the Crow
20:00 Hour of the Basilisk
21:00 Hour of the Gargoyle
22:00 Hour of the Cat
23:00 Hour of the Zombie
24:00 Naraska's Embrace

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