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Advanced Dungeons and Dragons
2nd Edition

I will be uploading stuff that I have collected over the years to this site. Right now, my main focus is on the current incarnation of the Traykon Campaign Setting. This world began in 2nd Edition, morphed into 3rd, tweaked into 3.5, and then finally turned towards the Pathfinder game system after Wizards of the Coast put out 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons. My goal is to make the campaign world compatible with Pathfinder, 3rd/3.5 edition, and 5th edition D&D so the original material from 2nd edition no longer applies. For those of you who believe that 2nd edition D&D is the superior edition, I have made this site for you.  Please let me know if there is anything that you are looking for but are having trouble finding.  Some of the things that I felt were too common have not been placed here but I still have copies on my local computer.  Feel free to email me at with requests or questions.



Campaign Netbook and information about new class and abilities


Overpowered campaign world items, monsters, and magic. Well worth the read.


Listing of new magical items


How to make familiars more powerful


Spellbook of new spells


Classic expanding upon wild magic effects


One of many ritual magic systems

File:The Complete Crossbow.pdf

The original Complete Crossbow which inspired the 3e+ versions.


List of wizard spells


Another wizard spell listing

Character Sheets

File:Pocs 1.pdf

This is the front page of a character sheet from the Player's Option books.

File:Pocs 2.pdf

This is the back page of a character sheet from the Player's Option books.


Forgotten Realms High Moor/Serpent Hill

File:High Moor Serpent Hills.pdf

Bloodbane Keep


Dhowin's Rest



Due to file limitiations, ZIP files can't be loaded into the Wiki. What I have done is linked to a subdirectory within my site to keep these available. If any of these files are missing or do not work, plese [email me] so I can take care of it.

Class Construction Engine

Dungeon Crafter v1.4

Maze Generator

Random Name Generator

Riddle Maker 1

Riddle Maker 2

Tavern Generator

Thieves Guild Generator