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This ultrahard metal adds to the quality of a weapon or suit of armor. Weapons fashioned from adamantine have a natural ability to bypass hardness when sundering weapons or attacking objects, ignoring hardness less than 20. Armor made from adamantine grants its wearer damage reduction of 1/– if it’s light armor, 2/– if it’s medium armor, and 3/– if it’s heavy armor. Adamantine is so costly that weapons and armor made from it are always of masterwork quality; the masterwork cost is included in the prices given below. Thus, adamantine weapons and ammunition have a +1 enhancement bonus on attack rolls, and the armor check penalty of adamantine armor is lessened by 1 compared to ordinary armor of its type. Items without metal parts cannot be made from adamantine. An arrow could be made of adamantine, but a quarterstaff could not. Only weapons, armor, and shields normally made of metal can be fashioned from adamantine. Weapons, armor and shields normally made of steel that are made of adamantine have one-third more hit points than normal. Adamantine has 40 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 20.

Adamantine Item Enhancement Bonus Market Price Modifier
Light armor Damage Reduction 1/- + 5,000 gp
Medium armor Damage Reduction 2/- + 10,000 gp
Heavy armor Damage Reduction 3/- + 15,000 gp
Shield   + 2,000 gp
Weapon damage 1d4 or 1d6 + 1 + 3,000 gp
Weapon damage 1d8, 1d10, or 1d12 + 2 + 9,000 gp
Ammunition +1 +60 gp