Aeon Duana

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(Lesser Deity )
The Golden King

Symbol: Bronze Shield
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Honor, Integrity, and Protection
Worshipers: Elves, gnomes, half-elves, halflings, rangers, druids
Cleric Alignment: NG, CG
Domains: Community, Good, Protection
Favored Weapon: Sabre

The patron deity of the human populace of Laradune, a small island a few hundred yards off the coast of Traykon, who call themselves the Duana. Aeon is a figure widely renowned under many different names, a fearless leader in war and a fair and just governer of his people in times of peace. It is he who is responsible for saving his people from fiery oblivion in another land by leading them across the waters to their new home, and despite the many trials that faced them it is he who established their kingdom and made them the rightful rulers. He is a god of fairness and equality, of honor on the battlefield and even-handedness in the court, and his people follow him with an adoration seldom seen even among the gods.

History/Relationships: The Golden King was once thought by outsiders to be just another aspect of Tyr. In the struggle to free his people from the advances of a hostle power, he lost his right hand to the savage onslaught of another deity. Without his sword hand and gravely wounded, Aeon was able to drive forward with his shield and knocked his opponent into the sea. Deprived of their divine inspiration, the invaders fled.

The Duana saw their god fallen and wounded. In his physical form, he stayed with his children while the wounds healed. Some of the Duana searched far and wide for ways to aid their god. Through mysterious aid from a strange power, some of his followers returned to the island with a golden hand. Once applied to the stump of his arm, the hand melded to flesh and bone and the Golden King was made whole.

Dogma: Aeon Duana teaches that honor and integrity is more important than life itself. Oaths are sacred and should not be entered into lightly.