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The Craft (Alchemy) skill is a highly valuable skill and has many uses. It allows the identification and creation of many mixtures, salves, ointments and chemicals. An extensive list of alchemical mixtures is listed here, but these are by no means all of the creations possible. Work with your DM if you wish to create new possibilities. This table assumes that the character has access to an alchemical lab and can obtain rare and unusual substances to work with. The DM is the final arbiter of the viability of any mixture. Although anyone may take this skill most many mixtures take someone with spellcasting ability to create. Anything with a base DC over 25 requires that the crafter also be a spellcaster. Failures on Craft (Alchemy) checks can bring about catastrophic failures. The following items are created via Alchemy. These tables are organized by the crafting DC of them items.

DC 10

Alchemy Items Cost Description
Alchemist’s Mercy 1 gp Fine power that is mixed into liquids to relieve hangovers
Bright Candle 1 gp A bright candle has a mix of alchemical ingredients in it, causing it to give off as much light as a torch. These candles last for thirty minutes rather than a full hour.
Drawing Coal 5 gp Can make near permanent markings on any non- metal surface. (Lasts 1d4+1 months, submersion in soapy water removes in 1d6 days)
Foxfire 10 gp Foxfire is the common name for the faintly luminous oil made by many alchemists. This oil does not provide enough light to see by, but does clearly outline whatever it covers in low light or darkness conditions. When thrown at a target treat foxfire as a grenade-like weapon. Anyone hit by foxfire or within 5 feet of the point of impact takes no damage. However, anyone targeting them with an attack has a +1 circumstance bonus to hit for 1d4 rounds.
Glitter 25 gp A pouch of glitter contains a powder that, when exposed to air, flares into brief luminescence. A pouch contains enough glitter to cover a single 5 foot area. Everything in that area is covered with the glitter. When thrown, a bag of glitter works as a grenade-like weapon that does no damage. However, invisible or obscured creatures within the area of effect are clearly outlined for 1d4 rounds. At the end of that time the glitter burns itself out.
Grease 5 gp Grease is a tacky, oily paste that easily slips into the spaces between two objects. Grease acts as a lubricant, allowing things like hinges to work more easily. In addition to its mundane application, many thieves carry around a bit of grease to make passage into secured areas easier. Using grease grants a +2 circumstance bonus to picking rusted locks and adds a +1 circumstance bonus on Move Silently skill checks to open doors. Each container of grease has enough material for ten uses.
Heat rub 10 gp Can be applied to body parts to reduce or protect against frostbite.  +1 to checks involving cold exposure.
Inebriation Brew 20 gp If fort save vs DC 12 fails, victim is intoxicated and suffers a –2 penalty to all checks.
Ink 8 gp This is black ink. You can buy ink in other colors but it costs twice as much. A single vial of ink holds one ounce.
Minor Acid 5 gp Slowly dissolves organic material, 1 dose will cause 1 point of damage per round for 1d4 rounds of constant exposure.  (Wine or vinegar dilutes the acid immediately)
Powdered Water 5 gp Fine white powder. Mixing 1 ounce of Powered Water with 1 drop of water results in 1 gallon of water.
Relighting Candle 1 sp A re-lighting candle cannot be put out by any means short of complete suffocation (such as submersion) after being lit. Anything else simply puts the candle out for one round, after which it re-ignites.
Rust-proofing Oil 10 gp This thin, yellow, lemon-scented oil protects any metallic object it coats from rust or acid damage. An object coated in this oil does not rust and gains a +2 bonus to any save it must make against a magical rusting effect (such as the touch of a rust monster’s antennae). If the coated object is used, the oil begins to wear off. After 5 uses (hits with a weapon, deflected attacks for armor or a shield) the oil wears off completely.
Skin Pigment 40 gp This mixture can be applied to the skin, which will take 1 turn to fully cover all skin.  After another full  turn of letting the mixture set in, the skin can be altered to any color, this alteration will last 1d6 + 6 hours.
Vomiting Brew 10 gp Causes a fort save vs. DC 12 or victim vomits.  If given after victim ingests a poison, gives a +5 circumstance bonus to the fort save vs. the poison.
Waterproofing Oil 5 gp This simple oil represents the majority of most alchemists’ trade. A single bottle will cover an entire outfit, rendering it impenetrable to water for one month. Water sheds off the surface of the object (which must be leather or wood) as though off a duck’s back. Dirt and grime also tend to shed fairly easily.

DC 15

Alchemy Items Cost Description
Acid 10 gp Grenade-like weapon with a 10’ range increment. Acid does 1d6 acid damage on a direct hit and 1 hp on a splash.
Brilliant Oil 50 gp This highly-reflective oil comes in a tightly-sealed container. When spread on a metallic surface it collects and focuses light, making the object difficult to look at for long periods of time. When spread on a shield it adds +2 to the character’s AC against ranged attacks for 10 rounds during bright daylight. Applying the oil is a full-round action that provokes an attack of opportunity.
Colored Fire 15 gp A single dose of these chemicals can be applied to any fire up to 10’ in diameter and causes the entire flame to change color.  (the color must be purchased in the individual dose, some examples are blue, white, green, purple, etc.)
Disappearing Ink 5 gp Red or blue ink. An hour after being written, this ink fade away. Heat causes it to reappear. To see the ink once it has disappeared requires a Search check vs. DC 20.
Fire Bane Parchment 10 gp This durable paper has been treated in a solution that gives it fire resistance 5. Important documents, such as scrolls and religious scripture, are frequently scribed on this parchment and wealthy wizards have spellbooks made from it.
Ice Crystal 5 gp A piece of rock crystal. When immersed in liquid, it becomes cold as ice, but returns to normal when dry.
Insect Repellent 5 gp Strong smelling liquid. Keep normal insects away for 4 hours. Small sized insects or those under spell control must make a Will save vs. DC 12.
Moth Balls 30 gp These chemical balls can be stored in a backpack, closet, room or chest to prevent the decay of any clothlike material from moths or other insects.  These balls last 3 months.
Numbing Powder 100 gp Inhaled suddenly this powder will cause the subject's body to become numb immediately.  The subject feels only a fraction of the pain he suffers, this allows a character to stay conscious until he reaches –10 hp, however if he reaches –10 hp the character dies immediately.
Perfume 50 gp Increase desire of opposite sex, a temporary enhancement bonus of 1 in charisma for 1d6 hours when dealing with opposite sex member of same or similar species.
Preservation Herbs 45 gp These chemicals can be applied to any rations or meats, making them resist decay or rot for 1 week per dose.  (No more than 4 doses can be used on a single source else the food source become too contaminated to be consumable)
Scentbreaker 5 gp Small bag of aromatic herbs. Grenade-like weapon with a 10’ range increment –or– can be sprinkled over a 5’x5’ area.  On a direct hit, the target must make a Fortitude save vs. DC 18 or loose its sense of smell for 1 minute. A secondary save must be made or the sense of smell will be lost for an hour.  A splash or sniffing the sprinkled area has the same effect, except the DC is 15.
Soupstone 300 gp Small smooth stone.  A Soupstone can turn a total of 10 gallons of water into hot nourishing broth.
Trail Bread 50 gp Makes 10 servings, which last for 3 months. Each serving (with water) is equivalent to a whole meal.
Wake Up 50 gp This liquid gives off a powerful aroma, when inhaled, it will wake a sleeping person instantly.  Does not affect comatose victims or victims unconscious due to sub- zero Hit Points.  But will affect sleep spell or all sleep brew victims.

DC 20

Alchemy Items Cost Description
Acid Retardant 100 gp This mixture when rubbed into clothing or applied to the skin will absorb 5 points of acid damage before the covered item or person suffers any damage.
Acidic Tar 50 gp This thin glass .ask contains a quantity of sticky, acidic tar. If hurled at a target, the .ask breaks open and the acidic tar deals 1d6 points of damage per round, remaining effective for 1d4 rounds or until washed off. If struck characters are wearing armor, the armor must also make a Re.ex saving throw (DC 12) or be destroyed. Creatures within 5 ft of the point of impact take 1d4 points of damage from splashes.
Alchemist’s Fire 20 gp Grenade-like weapon with a 10’ range increment. Alchemist’s Fire does 1d6 fire damage on a direct hit and 1 hp on a splash. On a direct hit, the target takes an additional 1d6 damage if he doesn’t take a full round action to put himself out with a Reflex save vs. DC 15 (+2 if he rolls on the ground).
Coma Potion 200 gp This mixture will cause a death -like state in its victim for 1d4 days, if the victim ingests the potion and fails a fort save vs. DC 20.  Sometimes victims are buried, only to revive and suffocate when they gain consciousness. 
Cooling Gel 100 gp Blue gel that feels cool. If applied to skin within 1 hour of it being burned, the gel heals 1d6 points of damage.  If applied to healthy skin, it provides a +1 resistance bonus to fire or heat based attacks for 1 hour.
Courier’s Ink 20 gp Invisible ink. The ink turns red when revealing solution (which is created at the same time as the ink) is applied.
Fireproof Oil 50 gp Distilled from a variety of inflammable liquids, materials and reagents, Fireproof oil increases the capacity for an item to resist the effects of fire and extreme heat. Each dose of this fluid may be used to coat one Medium-size or smaller object. For 24 hours after the solution is applied, the object gains fire resistance 5. Fireproof oil may not be used on living creatures, though constructs may gain its benefits. If spread on a living creature, the oil acts as a mild contact poison, dealing 1d2 points of temporary Constitution damage as its initial damage and 1d2 more points as its secondary effect, DC 12 Fortitude save to resist. A living creature’s skin absorbs the oil, causing the poison damage and denying the creature its protective qualities.
Flare Paste 5 gp Flare paste is a heavy, black, slightly sticky substance that comes in a thick glass jar. The jar contains enough of the paste to cover a 10-foot by 10-foot area. When ignited, the paste burns for two rounds, doing 1d4 damage per round to anyone that touches it. The paste burns bright white and ignites any flammable materials that touch it while it burns.
Flash Dragon 20 gp Flash dragons were originally developed by alchemists as a showpiece for entertainers. When this egg-sized orb of compressed powder is thrown into a fire it flashes into the shape of a 10-foot-tall dragon with a 20-foot wingspan. The flash of white light lasts only an instant but leaves a bright dragon-shaped spot in the vision of all who view it. Creatures within 20 feet of the flash’s centre must make a Reflex save (DC 12) or suffer a –1 penalty on attack rolls for 1d4 rounds. Although dragons are the most common shapes created by the .ash, other shapes can be designed. Simple religious symbols, runes, skulls and stars are not uncommon. Creating more complex shapes may require larger or multiple flash dragons but have no additional effects beyond those listed above.
Flash Powder 20 gp Silky gray powder. When ignited, anyone looking at its flash takes a –5 Spot check penalty for 5 rounds.
Glowpowder 50 gp Luminescent dust. Lasts for 1 minutes before fading, or can be brushed off as a full-round action.  If in a tube, Glowpowder can be blown in a 10’ cone. Otherwise sprinkled over five 5’x5’ squares. Depending on its target, Glowpowder does the following:
  1. On an object, it provides +2 on Search checks.
  2. On a person, it provides +2 on Spot checks.
  3. On an invisible person, the target only has ½ >Concealment (20% miss).
Grondiel’s Chicken Soup 70 gp Makes 6 servings, which last for 1 day. For the next 8 hours, the eater has a +4 alchemical bonus to any Fortitude save vs. catching a disease.
Love Philter 200 gp This philter will induce a purely physiological sexual desire in the person who imbibes it. The person will act very favorable to anyone who is of opposite sex and similar race for 2d6 hours.
Phantom Ink 10 gp An hour after being written, this ink fade away. After that, it can only be seen (as determined as ink creation) by a) firelight, b) magical light, c) moonlight, or d) starlight (only readable with darkvision).
Potent Acid 150 gp This powerful acid can eat through metal, it causes 1d4hp damage to skin per round, and eats through metal.   Scalemail in 10 rounds,  chain in 15, splint or banded in 20, plate in 25, field plate 30.  Cannot damage magical weapons or armor.
Smokestick 20 gp Chemically treated stick. When lit, the Smokestick creates 10’x10’x10’ of opaque smoke in one round. The smoke dissipates normally.
Stronglock 10 gp This transparent fluid is a mild adhesive that is dabbed into the keyholes of locks, making them harder for would-be thieves to bypass. One hour after being applied, the stronglock increases the Open Locks DC of the keyed lock by 10. When using the appropriate key on a treated lock, a Strength check (DC 10) must be made to break loose of the adhesive. The effects of stronglock last until the lock has been opened and therefore must be reapplied each time the lock is accessed. Stronglock is sold in glass vials that have a cork with a wooden applicator. Each vial contains 10 applications, though multiple coats of stronglock have no additional effect.
Suregrip 20 gp Gluey substance. Lasts for 10 minutes once applied.
  1. When applied to hands, gives a +2 on Climb or Grapple checks.
  2. When applied to rope, gives a +2 on Use Rope checks for tying knots or binding.
  3. When applied to feet/shoes, gives a +2 on Balance checks.
Tindertwig 1 gp Small wooden stick with chemicals on one end. When scraped on its chemical-enhanced end, the Tindertwig immediately catches fire.
Traitor's Dust 20 gp Traitor’s dust is a fine, greasy, white powder that leaves splotches of bright blue, reminiscent of ink stains, when it comes into contact with living flesh. The splotches are incredibly stubborn and wear away only after a full week. Traitor’s dust is often used as a thief deterrent, but just as often is used by the criminals themselves to protect their valuables from their own larcenous friends. Each packet contains enough dust to cover a 10-foot square area.

DC 25

Alchemy Items Cost Description
Alchemical Sleep Gas 30 gp A quickly evaporating liquid. Grenade-like weapon with a 10’ range increment.  On a direct hit, the target must succeeded with a Fortitude save vs. DC 15 or fall asleep for 1 round. If the target fails the secondary save, it falls asleep for 1d4 min.  Waking the target is a standard action.
Antitoxin 50 gp Antitoxin gives +5 alchemical bonus on all Fortitude saves vs. poison for 1 hour.
Armor Soft 50 gp Slippery red oil. Softens metal armor so that its armor check value is one less for 1 hour. Each application has a 5% cumulate chance at the end of the hour of destroying the armor.
Cold Candle 1 gp A cold candle looks like a normal candle, but instead of a wick it holds the same substance that fills a sunrod. It illuminates a 5 foot radius and lasts for one hour. The candles burn underwater and do not give off any heat.
Firebane 50 gp Thick grease. When applied to the whole body, the person has Fire Resistance 10 for a single fire attack –or– ½ hour. If not removed in 1 hour with water, it deals 1 point of subdual damage per minute.
Fire Beetle Paste 50 gp Thick reddish paste. Can be spread onto surfaces. When lit, it will burn for 1d4 round, doing 3d6 per round. The surface’s hardness is halved before determining the final damage.  Not useful as a Molotov Cocktail, since it doesn’t splatter or stick.
Firestone 50 gp Small orange stone. Grenade-like weapon with a range increment of 20’ (like a Thunderstone).  On impact, it explodes for 1d6 fire damage & lights flammables within 5’.
Flashpellet 50 gp Small bead. Grenade-like weapon with a range increment of 20’ (like a Thunderstone).  On impact, all within a 10’ radius must make a Reflex save vs. DC 15 to be at –1 attack penalty for 1 minute.
Free Foot 25 gp Quick-drying oil. Anyone going through the 5’x5’ area the oil coats must make a Dex check vs. DC 15 to keep standing / moving.
Healing Salve 50 gp Sticky green paste. Heals 1d8.
Holdfast 50 gp A bundle attached to the end of a rope. When thrown (range increment of 10’), the container breaks & adheres the rope to the target object. It can hold 200 pounds for 1d4+3 rounds before breaking down. It takes a Strength check vs. DC 27 to break before then.
Liquid Ice 30 gp Viscous liquid. Grenade-like weapon with a 10’ range increment –or– can be poured over a 5’ radius area.  On contact with air, Liquid Ice becomes extremely cold. Its uses include: a) freezing a 5’ radius water surface, b) putting out 5’ radius of fire, c) doing 1d6 cold damage on a direct hit, or 1 hp of damage on a splash
Lode Stones 250 gp This is not a mixture, but the process to create lode stones (large magnetic disks roughly 2 ft. in diameter and weighing 80 lbs).  These Lode Stones are used for a variety of purposes.
Loudfoot Paste 25 gp When buffed onto a stone or wood floor, this oily paste causes an obnoxious squeaking sound when it is walked across. Creatures passing over a floor treated with loudfoot paste suffer a –10 circumstance penalty to Move Silently checks. One jar of the paste covers a 10-foot square and requires two minutes to apply. The effects wear off after 2d6+6 creatures have walked through the area. A Spot check (DC 15) will reveal that an area treated with loudfoot paste is slightly shinier than untreated areas. If the floor surrounding a treated area has been polished or buffed, the Spot check DC becomes 25.
Night Eyes 25 gp Thick grease. When applied to the eyes as a full-round action, Night Eyes provides ‘low-light vision’ for 10 minutes. Any bright light during that time gives the user –1 penalty to attacks.
Powdered Tears 50 gp When thrown into an opponent’s eyes, this powder causes mild irritation and blurred vision. Throwing the loose powder is a ranged touch attack with a maximum range of five feet. This does not provoke attacks of opportunity. A creature struck with the dust must make a successful Reflex save (DC 14) or suffer a –1 penalty on all attack rolls, damage rolls and saving throws for 1d4+1 rounds. Failing the saving throw also causes blurred vision, resulting in all opponents being considered to have one-half concealment (20% miss chance) for the duration of the powder’s effect. Powdered tears do not affect sightless creatures.
Preservation Fluid 30 gp This alchemical concoction is useful for preserving organic tissue for long periods of time. A pint of the fluid can be used to preserve a pound of material for a year, after which it will be necessary to drain the preservative fluid and replace it with a fresh solution. Clerics most often use this fluid to preserve relics for later dissolution and preparation but it may also be used to preserve pieces of a body to be raised later.
Red Rager 50 gp Thick red salve. When applied to the body, the user gains +2 Strength for 10 minutes, but –4 Dex for 1 hour. If used more than twice in a week, a Fortitude save vs. DC 15 must be made or 1 point of Charisma is permanently lost.
Slimebane 15 gp Grenade-like weapon with a 10’ range increment. Damages oozes, doing 1d6 on a direct hit & 1 hp on a splash. On the following round, the ooze must make a Fortitude save vs. DC 15 or take 1d6 more damage.
Slippery Oil 50 gp Oil. +5 on Escape Artist checks for 1 hour. Can be washed off with alcohol.
Smokepowder 20 / lb. A coarse powder. Each ounce of Smokepowder can be used to propel a bullet. It can also be used to make bombs.
Sneezing Powder 60 gp Fine powder. Grenade-like weapon with a range increment of 10’.  On a direct hit, the target must make a Fortitude save vs. DC 15 or have a –2 on all rolls for 1d4 rounds due to sneezing.
Softshoe Powder 25 gp For 10 minutes, this powder gives the user +2 on Move Silently checks.
Stinging Smoke 35 gp This glass flask contains a light, acrid dust. When the .ask breaks open, the dust flies into the air in a great cloud, looking like smoke. The dust is extremely painful to the eyes, causing all within 10 feet of the point of impact to make a Fortitude save (DC 14) or be forced to shut their eyes, becoming effectively blinded. The cloud lasts 2d4 rounds before dissipating.
Sunrod 2 gp Gold-tipped iron wand (1 foot long). When struck, the Sunrod gives off 60’ diameter of light for 6 hours.
Stonecloth 100 gp Heavy, gray cloth. Also requires a Craft (Weaving) check vs. 20. Price is per square foot.  Stonecloth is non-flammable, so there is no secondary damage from fire attacks.
Tangle Wire 25 gp 10’ Piece of barbed wire coated with adhesive in a tight bundle. To avoid Tangle Wire strung across a hallway, make a Spot check vs. DC 15.  If tangled, take 1d2 damage per round unless totally still. No penalty except damage if it is ignored.  To remove, make a Dex or Escape Artist check vs. DC 20 –or– a Str check vs. DC 25.
Tanglefoot Bag 50 gp Bag of alchemical goo. Grenade-like weapon with a range increment of 10’.  On a direct hit, its target is at –2 attack & –4 Dex and must make a Reflex save vs. 15 or be stuck to the floor & unable to move.  To break free of the floor takes a Strength check vs. DC 27 or 15 hp of slash damage.  To scrape the goo off the target’s body, the target or an ally must do "scrapping" damage equal to 15 hp. The target can then move a half speed.  The goo lasts 10 minutes.
Thunderstone 30 gp Grenade-like weapon with a range increment of 20’. On impact, it makes a loud bang, forcing all within a 10’ radius to make a Fortitude save vs. DC 15 or be deafened. This results in –4 on Initiative & 20% chance of a spell miscast.
Traveler’s Solace 50 gp Fiery, unpleasant liquid. Effects last for 1d4 hours. Only useful once per 8 hours.  If used by someone fatigued, the user no longer has any Str or Dex penalties. Once Traveler’s Solace wears off, the user must rest for 8 hours to become rested.  If used by someone exhausted, the user is only at Str –4 & Dex -4. Once Traveler’s Solace wears off, the user must rest for 8 hours to become only fatigued.
Vapors of Sleep 50 gp A quickly evaporating liquid. Grenade-like weapon with a range increment of 10’ –or– it can be soaked into cloth.  If a cloth is soaked with Vapors of Sleep and held over a target’s mouth & nose (i.e., a successful grapple), the target must make a Fortitude save vs. DC 13 or sleep for 1d4 hours.  If thrown, the target of a direct hit must make a Fortitude save vs. DC 13 or be at a –2 penalty on all action for 1d4 rounds.
Vile Acid 800 gp This acid eats away through skin at a rate of 1d6 damage per round.  It can eat through all clothing in 1 round and through metal in 1 round per AC  benefit of the metal.  It can eat through +2 or less items, the enchantment adding an extra round of time before eaten through.  If the acid is removed after only partial submersion or melting, then the item loses one plus per round of acid damage.  This acid will last for 1d8 rounds before thinning out.  32 oz of vinegar or wine will neutralize the acid.
Zumzum Cake 75 gp Makes 1 serving, which lasts for 1 week. Eating a Zumzum Cake before sleeping 8 hours results in regaining hit points as if 24 hours of rest.
Flaming Powder 1000 gp This powder is highly volatile, and must be stored in an air tight container.  When scattered through air, it creates a 10’ arc of white hot flame that inflicts 3d6 damage reflex save vs DC 20 for ½ damage.  If a vial of the substance is thrown or struck, the powder explodes for 6d6 damage to all within 15’ Reflex save vs. DC 20 for ½ damage.

DC 30

Alchemy Items Cost Description
Moonmoss Pudding 150 gp Makes 1 serving, which lasts for 1 day. For 1 hour, eater gains a +1 alchemical bonus to Initiative.
Truth Wine 75 gp Sweet, white wine. A non-elven drinker of a glass of Truth Wine must make a Will save vs. DC 15 to tell a lie for the next (10 – Constitution bonus) minutes.
Unstable Acid 2000 gp This acid is the most potent variety known to alchemists. A single splash of this stuff can dissolve holes through any material in 1 round, if the item is magical it takes an additional 1 round per plus of the item. If the acid is splashed against skin, it does 2d6 damage per round allowing a Dex save vs. DC 15 to avoid the splash, but once the acid is on the victim, there is no saving throw. After 3 rounds, the affected limb has been eaten through to the muscle tissue and is no longer usable without a regenerate spell. If the chest is hit, then 1 constitution point is permanently drained every round affected. If the face is hit, 1 charisma is drained every round. These attribute losses are permanent. 1 gallon of vinegar or wine, will reduce the acid so that it no longer causes injury. Only a glass container can hold it, and then it can only be stored for 2d6 hours before needing to be poured into another container. This acid has a 5gp per day cost, just to maintain the containers.

DC 35

Alchemy Items Cost Description
Mutation Elixirs 5000 gp This dangerous alchemical mixture can be used to genetically alter an individual. It involves part chemistry and part molecular biology. When the serum is created, which involves 1 pint of blood from the subject. The following mutations can be attempted. But there is a price that comes with such a benefit, and the effects are risky. Any mixture takes one month for the full effects to set in, also there is a risk of side effects. If any of the latter mutations are gained, there is a risk of side effects listed at the bottom.

Increase an attribute: A total of 3 attribute points can be increased by this serum, before the subject develops antibodies that make him immune to the benefits.
Str Blood must be infused with blood of a Fire Giant
Dex Blood must be infused with essence of a greater air elemental
Con Blood must be infused with blood of a rare Giant Two -Headed Troll
Int Blood must be infused with Adult Dragon's blood
Wis Blood must be infused with a priest's blood of no less than 13th level
Cha Blood must be infused with a succubi’s blood.
Gain dark vision: A special serum is created from the blood of a dark vision creature, then the serum is used as eye drops for 1 month. If the mixture is successful the character gains permanent dark vision after the month of using the serum. This requires 6 doses of the serum to last the month.
Make skin rough and sturdier: When hardening skin, the levels have to be gained in increments, you cannot jump from none to level 3. These effects are permanent.
Level 1: Requires gorgon or behir scales and blood, the subject over the course of 1 month and 10 doses gains a +1 to AC
Level 2: Requires a dragon's scales and blood, the subject over the course of 1 month and 10 doses gains another +1 to AC and has damage resistance 1/- permanently
Level 3: Requires a demon or 18HD outsider's blood and skin. The subject over the course of 1 month and 10 doses gains another +1 to AC gains a 5 / +1 damage resistance.

  • If the alchemical mixture succeeds, roll % to determine if there is a side effect.

Side Effect Chance:
1-65% Random Side Effect roll 1d20
66-00% No Side Effects
Side Effects:
1 – 2 Lose 1d4 points from another ability
3 – 5 Race alters to a half-breed of the blood used (Modify character accordingly)
6 – 9 Skin color changes
10 – 12 Genetic Weakness ( -3 constitution)
11 – 14 Normal Side effect ( Sickness, 1 month bed rest)
15 – 17 Genetic Sickness ( Become bedridden for 1 year, but no other side effects)
18 – 19 Genetic Decay (Lose 1 hp per day, until an antidote can be created or subject dies)
20 - Loss of Life (nothing but a true resurrection or wish can restore)