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Name Size Use for… Terrain*
Allosaurus M Forest (warm), Plains (warm)
Amargasaurus M
Ankylosaurus M Forest (warm), Plains (warm)
Ant, giant S Any
Antelope S Plains (temperate, warm)
Ape M Forest (warm)
Archelon M Coastlines (warm, temperate), Water (warm, temperate)
Arsinoitherium M Plains (temperate)
Aurochs M Buffalo or bison Plains (cold, temperate)
Axe beak M Plains (temperate)
Baboon S Forest (warm)
Badger1 S Wolverines Forest (temperate)
Baluchitherium M Forest (warm)
Barbed ram S Mountains (cold)
Basilosaurus M Ocean (any)
Bat, dire M Any Terrain (temperate, warm)
Bear S Forest (cold)
Beetle, giant S Any
Bird1 S Any large birds such as eagles, hawks or owls Mountains (temperate)
Blackwisp egret S Swamps (temperate)
Boar3,4 S Forest (temperate)
Brachiosaurus M Forest (warm), Plains (warm)
Bristle boar S Plains or Hills
Brontotherium M
Bull, war M Plains or Hills
Camel1,2,4 L Desert (warm)
Cat, big M Lions, tigers Plains (warm), Forest (cold)
Cat, Small1 S Cheetahs, leopards Plains (warm), Forest (warm)
Centipede, giant S Forests or Underground (temperate or warm)
Chalicotherium M Forests (temperate)
Chameleon, giant M Forest (warm), Mountains (warm)
Cooshee S Forest (any)
Crab, giant S Any aquatic
Crocodile S Alligators Rivers/Lakes (Swamp (warm))
Deinonychus S Velociraptors Forest (warm)
Deinotherium M Forests or plains (any climate)
Devil Monkey M
Dimetrodon M Forest (warm)
Dimorphodon S Coastline or Forest (warm)
Diplodocus M
Dog1,3,4 S Any
Dolphin M Ocean (cold, temperate, warm)
Drake T Drakes Any
Dunkleosteus M
Eel, electric S Warm fresh water
Elasmosaurus M Ocean (warm)
Elasmotherium M
Elephant M Mastodons or mammoths Plains (warm)
Elk M Plains (temperate, cold)
Embolotherium M
Faerie Mount
Frog, giant M Swamp (temperate, warm)
Gar M Marshes and Aquatic (temperate, warm)
Gecko, giant S Forest (warm), Mountains (warm)
Giganotosaurus M
Giraffe M
Goblin dog S Forest (temperate), Swamp (temperate), Underground
Gylptodon M Plains (temperate)
Heron, yolubilis M Rivers and swamps (temperate)
Hippopotamus M Rivers (warm)
Horse1,2,4 L Plains (temperate)
Hyena S Plains (warm)
Iguanodon M Forest (warm), Swamp (warm)
Kangaroo M Hills (temperate), Plains (temperate)
Kentrosaurus M
Llama S Hills, Mountains (cold or temperate)
Leech, giant S Marsh (temperate or warm)
Manta ray M Ocean (warm)
Mantis, giant M Forest (temperate)
Megalania M Forest (warm), Plains (warm)
Megaloceros M Giant elk Forest (temperate, warm), Plains (temperate)
Megatherium M Forest (temperate, warm)
Mokele-Mbembe M
Monitor lizard S Forest (warm), Plains (warm)
Moose M Forest (cold)
Moray eel, giant M Ocean (warm)
Octopus S Ocean (cold, temperate)
Orca M Killer whales Ocean (cold)
Ostrich S Deserts or plains (warm)
Pachycephalosaurus M Plains (warm, temperate)
Panda S Jungle (temperate or warm)
Parasaurolophus M Forest (warm), Plains (warm)
Pony1,2,4 M Plains (temperate)
Pteranodon M Coastline
Quetzalcoatlus M Coastline, swamps, or plains (warm)
Ram S Mountains (temperate)
Rat, dire S Urban
Raven, giant S Any (temperate)
Rhinoceros M Plains (warm)
Roc M Mountains (warm)
Scorpion, giant M Deserts, forests, plains, or underground (warm or temperate)
Seahorse L
Shark1 S Ocean (cold, temperate, warm)
Shrike, impaler S Any (temperate)
Skittergoat S Hills or plains (temperate)
Slug, giant M Marshes or Underground (temperate or warm)
Snake, constrictor1 M Any kind of constrictor snake Rivers/Lakes, Swamp (warm), Forest (warm)
Snake, viper1 S Any kind of poisonous snake Any Terrain (temperate, warm)
Snapping turtle M Coastline, Rivers/Lakes, Swamp (temperate, warm)
Spider, giant S Any (warm)
Spinosaurus M Forest (warm), Swamp (warm)
Squid M Ocean (cold, temperate, warm)
Stag S
Stegosaurus M Plains (warm)
Stingray S Ocean (warm)
Styracosaurus M
Thylacine S Hills (warm)
Titanoboa M
Toad, giant M Forest (temperate), Plains (temperate, warm), Swamp (warm)
Tortoise M
Triceratops M Plains (warm)
Trumpeter Swan S
Tylosaurus M Ocean (warm), Rivers/Lakes
Tyrannosaurus M Forest (warm), Plains (warm)
Vulture, giant M Plains (warm), Hills (warm)
Vulture, whisper S
Walrus M Coastlines (cold)
Warcat M
Wasp, giant M Forests (temperate)
Weasel, giant S
Wolf1,2 M Any, Forest (temperate)
Wolliped M Hills (temperate)