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An ancient blade created by the Runeweavers of Valislad and covertly given to a field general of the Mystics, it was used to convince him to exit the war and seek his fortunes elsewere. Krond took his new sword and carved a kingdom of his own in the northern mountains.

Ashmourne was created with the brutal nature of Runecrafting into a battlefield nightmare. While dormant, the blade appears to be crafted from a single piece of obsidian. The entire blade is covered with pale amber runes that pulse as if the blade were a living entity. When a Detect Magic is attempted on the blade it radiates with strong necromancy and evocation energy. For game mechanics, the sword is considered a long sword having a +6 weapon enhancement. It also overcomes damage reduction as if it were also made of adamantite.

Once drawn, the blade begins to emit a rolling cloud of gray ash that boils out of the obsidian blade as if it were pulled fresh from the magma of an erupting volcano. The cloud expands at a rate of 5 ft per round around the wielder to a maximum of 60 sq feet. As the wielder moves, the blade leaves a streak of ash through the air. The wielder of the blade can choose to allow the cloud to dissipate each round allowing it to only obscure his form within the ashs, causing a 10% miss chance. The cinder cloud dissipates at the rate of 5 ft per round after the sword is either moved to another location or is sheathed. Although the wielder is immune to the effect, anyone caught in the cloud of cinders suffers 1d6 points of nonleathal damage per round due to their exposure to the hot ash and is blinded as long as they remain in the cinder cloud.

Once per turn, the wielder can activate the runes on the blade to turn the cinder cloud into a flaming sheet that does 10d6 fire damage to anyone caught within it (wielder is immune). Those individuals must also roll a fortitude save (DC 25) or suffer 1d4 points of constitution damage per round of exposure to the cinder cloud. Anyone who makes their save takes 1 point of constitution damage.

A more frightening effect of the blade is it's ability to bestow 1d4 negative levels upon anyone struck by the blade. Those hit by the blade must make a DC 25 fortitude save to avoid these effects. When the negative levels are drained from an individual, the wielder of the sword gains 1d6 temporary hit points for each level drained.

Anyone who dies by reaching 0 level or 0 constitution becomes a Cinder Ghoul in 2d8 rounds. Creatures risen this way are under the tacit control of Ashmourne's wielder. The Cinder Ghouls remain active for up to 1 hour before collapsing into a pile of embers.