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The racial makeup of Traykon varies widely depending on the continent and area one plans to campaign within. On the main (eastern) continent, you can find most other races except for the three Naga races that have made the Empire of the western continent. Halflings can only be found on the eastern continent as the Empire has annihilated their species. The elven subrace, snow elf, is unique to the western continent. Fey races are the only ones found on the Isle of Arcadia unless the person is an intruder. Although rare or unique examples can occur where a someone of a race is found where they shouldn't be, game masters are encouraged not to drift too far afield as racial animus will be a problem.

Common Races Uncommon Races
Teligrir (Naga) Giant Races
Fey Races Monstrous Races


Humans are the most populous race of those available for players. While humans have no definitive subraces, they are separated by culture. The Tuzani, for example, have a unique appearance and cultural norms that make them easily distinguishable from other humans. Human cultures are varied and modes of dress and behavior can mark someone as distinctively as a racial subtype.


Elves are the second most common of the races. While divided into seven distinct sub-races, those whose ancestry is mixed with another race are called simply half-elves. The elven species is spread all over Traykon while members of specific sub-species may be more common in specific areas. For instance, the Snow Elves are exclusively found on the western continent.


Dwarves are a common race to find while wandering the world. Strictly speaking, there are only three living sub-species of Dwarves in Traykon. Culturally though, the Field Dwarves have developed striking cultural differences from other dwarves that they are sometimes considered the "fourth" sub-race.


Orcs and their offspring, the half-orcs, can be found in many places throughout Traykon. Much like the elves, any orc with mixed blood is considered a half-orc. Exceedingly rare though is the Orog, the ill-fated offspring of an orc and ogre. Luckily though Orogs are infertile and never reproduce. Rarer still is the Goloron, the offspring of goblin and orc.


Hobgoblins are a powerful and common race in Traykon. Once scattered and fragmented, they have formed an enduring civilization and the sight of mercenary hobgoblins or hobgoblin adventurers is not uncommon. Like humans, they have no subraces.