Basic Timekeeping

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As a companion to the Months of Traykon, the names of the days as well as the occult names of the hours are also provided.

The days of the week

Each week is broken up into 7 days. There are four weeks in each month. The source of the names is lost to antiquity but records from over 14,000 years ago reference the same names. There have been too many cataclysmic cultural destruction during the existence of Traykon to accurately trace the origins. Scholars will debate, but none are actually sure.

Munda Tenie Welda Thunra Firda Sacre Selei

Hours of the Day

This naming convention is not in common use. Normally only occult practitioners use these names. Sometimes religious texts or ancient works will reference the hour using a name instead of a numerical variant. The reason for the naming seems to be due to the variance in the official start of each day. While some cultures, specifically the more modern, urbanized cultures mark the start of each day as either sunrise or midnight. Most older cultures and many religious groups mark the beginning/end of each day to be sundown. A few religious groups, most notably the followers of Belos and Volac mark the start of a new day as sunrise.

Based upon our 24 hour day
01:00 Hour of the Bat
02:00 Hour of the Witch
03:00 Hour of the Jackal
04:00 Hour of Silence
05:00 Hour of the Wolf
06:00 Hour of the Deer
07:00 Hour of the Rooster
08:00 Hour of the Dragon
09:00 Hour of the Golem
10:00 Hour of the Rodent
11:00 Hour of the Specter
12:00 Belos's Kiss
13:00 Hour of the Badger
14:00 Hour of the Lynx
15:00 Hour of the Wyvern
16:00 Hour of Honor
17:00 Hour of the Salamander
18:00 Hour of the Bear
19:00 Hour of the Crow
20:00 Hour of the Basilisk
21:00 Hour of the Gargoyle
22:00 Hour of the Cat
23:00 Hour of the Zombie
24:00 Naraska's Embrace