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The Campaign Selection of the menu currently holds all the information needed to run a campaign in the Traykon world. Although the world was last optimized for Pathfinder d20 rules, it is easily used with 3rd Edition (and 3.5) Dungeons and Dragons. Most of the information is also readily usable in 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons with just small conversion for races and monsters.

Splitting Traykon into relavent selections wasn't easy and this list is likely to grow over time. For now the menu of the main Site is comprehensive and lists everything that is available to read.

Cosmology Here is general information about the Cosmology of Traykon, where it fits in the Multiverse
The Nature of Magic In order to understand some of the mechanics and factions within Traykon, it is important to understands the types and source of magic.
The Curse of T'lor Arcane magic in Traykon has a history and this deity changed arcane magic forever. This is his legacy.
Runes of Creation The final type of magic in Traykon, the Runes of Creation. It isn't practiced anymore except in secret but this magic in increadibly powerful and versitile.
Shadowlands Traykon has a mirror "spirit world". This is Traykon's only connection to other planes of existence.
Death in Traykon An explanation of what happens to souls since Traykon is cut off from the Astral Plane and all souls travel through the Shadowlands
The Dark Mark One of the major deities in Traykon marks their champions.
Kingdoms and Lands A listing of the major kingdoms, city states, and important lands of Traykon.
Organizations and Orders Some organizations span multiple kingdoms and their influence is vast.
Events and Festivals Traykon has some unique holidays that are observed everywhere. There are also some regional or religious holidays of note.
Character Classes Many classes have been modified slightly to fit in Traykon. There are also several new classes and Prestige Classes available for play.
Feats New Feats are available for use in Traykon.
Monsters Although not an exhaustive listing, here are some important monsters for the campaigns.
Important Characters This covers both NPCs and Player Characters. I have included the Player Characters who made major contributions to the Campaign World.
Extras and Articles Here is listed everything that doesn't fit anywhere else. Some sections here may branch out to their own category listing or menu subdivision.

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