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Important People

Although important people will be listed in their respected areas, some individuals and beings are so influential that they need special recognition even if players aren't adventuring in their region.

Gremet of Duli

Gremet leads the Sea Dwarves of the Calougi clan of eastern Traykon. His dwarves are unusual in their relationship with the world at large.

Iliako Bonecast

A famous Forsaken Minotaur who has been exiled from her race. She rules a seaside town of mixed humanoids on the western coast of Traykon as their Lord.

Lord Minix of Yarr

The story about the ascension of Lord Minix of Yarr to Lordship over the largest kingdom in eastern Traykon (only The Empire is larger).

Player Characters (By Campaign)

Some player characters have been very important to the evolution and growth of Traykon. Since they were not controlled by the GM, their actions and activities often went contrary to the natural flow of progression for the world. Some characters made such a large and far ranging impact that they deserved to be included here as important historical people.

The Drageen

The first major campaign launched in Traykon. These characters were the first to play in Traykon along the 3E D&D ruleset in 2000. Originally there were only 3, but Drestal joined them along with Ditan as new players joined the campaign. The campaign started at the edge of the Dragon Mountains and ranged across the entire north of the continent. Their home was based in Corigzant until the group dispersed to follow their own pathways.


One of the original, this character started out as a rogue who was a misfit in his hometown. Together with Mordrith and Kaylee he escaped the brutal Ogre overlords and began an adventuring career.


The final addition to this campaign group, he was a half orc outcast who found a home among other misfits. Although he was never considered a core member of the group, Ditan adventured a lot with the group. He was commonly recruited to join the rest of the campaign when Mordrith was unable to accompany them. He developed a special relationship with Drestal which eventually interfered with his inclusion into the rest of the group.


One of the early mages to grow his strength after the fall of the Veil, he joined the group about the same time they reached the city of Corigzant. He had been adventuring with another group who separated and went their own ways but fell in with the others as their magical force.


A devout follower of Ina Po, she was given an elevated position within the church. Despite residing in one of the towns claimed by the Dragons and ruled by Ogres, she was imbued with amazing power and a sense of righteousness. Together with Mordrith and Corin she escaped the brutal Ogre overlords and began an adventuring career.


Apprenticed with the blacksmiths who worked the raw ore brought through the town, he grew larger and stronger than others in his town. A secret to his origin which was kept hidden even from the player, Mordrith was actually a half ogre instead of a human. This was something that became suspected by others in the group but none knew the secret for sure. Together with Corin and Kaylee he escaped the brutal Ogre overlords and began an adventuring career.

The Walking God

This campaign wasn't based in Traykon, but was instead based in my son's campaign world. It was a world actually similar to Traykon in that the gods could die and three was a deity who actively sought to destroy all the other gods. This was a high speed campaign where our characters went from level 1 to 9 fighting from the fall of their homeland, being chased and harried, before they finally were able to find a city in which to rest and consolidate their strength. It wasn't many adventures before they ran into the god-killer himself. It was after this last adventure where the true nature of the campaign was revealed to us that the campaign broke down due to one of the players just not liking the others and deciding to leave.

The campaign was based around an Elven town which was destroyed by a mysterious army. All of the characters were servants of the church in one way or another and it was their responsibility to protect and guide the survivors. They ended up sending the survivors off towards the nearest city while they ran the forces arrayed against them on a long and grueling chase. The campaign used the "standard" Elven Pantheon from D&D.


Elf Paladin, he was a follower of the entire Elven Pantheon. He had an extended history which drove him to become an Undead Slayer.