Citadel of the Word

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In the far north, farther than most kingdoms reach, there is an imposing citadel built atop an arctic mountain. Only those hardy enough to survive the arctic cold and vicious predators of the north may gain entrance to Aragon's chief temple. Originally constructed as a training outpost, the Citadel of the Word has been adapted to serve as both a training ground and a warehouse for Aragon's Priests and Warmongers. Noblemen often send their sons to train under the tutelage of the War Masters, an elite group of priests and devotees who have survived countless battles and understand the art of war like few others.

Only once since it's founding has the Citadel seen attack. A well financed and provisioned mercenary army marched across the north and sought to take the Citadel from what it saw as "hedonist." Expecting only a small defense force, the army of 5000 battle hardened men clashed against 300 determined priests and Warmongers. Casualties were enormous on both sides but the superior arts of war possessed by the Citadel's defenders crushed the army. Survivors also spoke of a armor clad giant who strode about the battlefield striking down all who opposed him. Devotees believe this was the Avatar of Aragon but others say it was just a Warmonger magically enhanced.

The Citadel of the Word is the largest temple dedicated to Aragon and the center of his worship on Traykon. Pilgrims from across the continent travel to the Citadel to worship with the Lord High Marshal and devotees are often sent here to learn the tenants of the faith before joining the priesthood. Clerics from other temples often travel to the Citadel at least once in their life just to witness the greatness of their faith.

Built upon a mountaintop, the Citadel is an imposing site. The stone walls of the Citadel have been blasted by the harsh winds and driving snow and appear to be pearly white when viewed from a distance. Several large smokestacks and towers rise above the ashen walls and give the Citadel a sinister appearance. During the dead of winter, people intimately familiar with the Citadel's location can easily be fooled by snowstorms into thinking the mountain is bare. During the "summer" months, the sun shining on the walls can easily be mistaken as light reflecting off of glacial ice.

Natural hot springs beneath the Citadel provide the inhabitants with needed warmth and a secure source of water. Several large forges also see constant use in the sub levels of the Citadel and their ventilation provides the rest of the Citadel with heat. Food is brought from a small fishing village a scant mile away on the coast. The villagers reap the bounty of the sea and trade the Citadel for arms and protection.

The great forges of the Citadel work night and day as new armor and weapons are crafted and those damaged are repaired. The Citadel employs as many as two dozen master smiths at any one time. A caravan takes armor and weapons south once a year to trade with the southern kingdoms. Many trappers, rangers, and druids will barter directly with the Citadel for supplies and equipment. The local druids do not see a problem with the philosophy of Aragon because of the isolated nature of the Citadel.