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Also Known As: Aegar Brightmantle (priest of Vusha), Claven, Daenar Darkwalker, Terolon the Magnificent (entertainer), and Zaveros (painter and famous artist) Other names are probable but unknown


Born in the southern town of Corsan, a small community of artisans and craftsmen under the control of the Ogre enforcers from the Dragon Mountains. Corin grew up having to hustle on the streets to stay alive. Never knowing his parents, Corin survived by wit and hustle on the streets where life could be forfeit to the Ogre enforcers at any time.. His two friends while growing up in this town were Mordrith, an apprentice blacksmith, and Kaylee, a novice priestess to a nearly forgotten goddess. Together, the three orphans harassed the Ogres and tried to make each others lives bearable.

Corin learned to con his way out of trouble. He learned the ways of the street and the cons that would let him eat. This was the time that his friends noticed his worship of an obscure god, Vusha. His group of friends worked together to support the aged and infirm of the town. Mordrith and Kaylee gave their goods to Corin to sell at Kazant. Corin would use his skills at stealth and disguise to slip away from the Ogre enforcers and provide for his friends and the other townsfolk.

Late one summer night, while watching Mordrith and Kaylee creating a silvered warhammer, one of the Ogre overseers took an interest in their late night excursions. When the Ogre uncovered their hidden stash of money and items, Mordrith smashed the Ogre's skull in with the newly forged hammer. This act of violence would make thier further survival in the town impossible. That night, Mordrith, Kaylee, and Corin set out with their wagon and small stash of supplies and headed north.

They fell in with a group of traveling craftsmen and traveled from festival to festival heading away from their troubles in the south. Throughout their travels, they ran afoul of several groups and made more than one enemy before arriving in the trade town of Corigsant. There, Corin began his life over again. About the same time, a traveling mage named Drestal joined forces with the group and they began hiring themselves out as "problem solvers" to the local gentry.

After about a year, Mordrith used the money the group had salvaged adventuring as well as the proceeds of their crafting to buy his own forge and a modest estate for them. Time passed and they grew stronger. Corin used his varied powers and aliases to carve a safe and luxurious lifestyle far from those who want his head. He watched his friends grow distant and began watching them. Stories were told and he left his long time friends behind and is seeking self-enlightenment far from those who know who and what he is.

Current Location

Corin is believed to have joined The Colony and attained the position of chief hunter of magical items. After a heated dispute with his friends in Corigsant, Corin left the city behind and traveled to find a new place to live. His proclivities made him unwelcome in many areas as those who knew of him thought him only a thief or beggar. It wasn't until over a year had passed after leaving his friends behind that he found a place that welcomed him and could use his tallents. His quirk of always giving away his wealth may have kept him fairly poor but he is in possession of several powerful magical items and relics. Some from his old life still seek him out. It is rumored that he still has contact with Kaylee but for her safety they only meet far from the city they once called home.

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