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Traykon is a demi-plane lodged deep in a crevice between the Elemental Plains and the other Material Worlds. Although not large enough to be labeled a full Plane, the metaphysical walls of Traykon are stronger and more stable than any other known demi-plane. Travel to Traykon is only possible with Divine aid or through shadow portals originating from within Traykon. Powerful extra-planar creatures sometimes assault the borders of Traykon but seldom are they successful in gaining entry due the the entities of the Shadowlands who guard the exits.

There are two constantly open portals into\out of Traykon. Both exist in the Shadowlands and are not accessable by the living within Traykon. The Ulvanic Keep is the home of the deity Ulan and from the depths of his domain souls are sometimes directed to the lands of their Patron Deity. On the opposite end of the Shadowlands lies the Umbral Citadel, the stronghold of The Unnamed One. It is rumored that the Umbral Citadel physically manifests in both the Shadowlands and a forgotten level of the Abyss. Due to the power of the deity who claims the keep, nothing is known about what happens to souls or other entities who pass through its gates.

Material Plane

Traykon borders but does not touch the Material Planes. Summoning spells which draw living creatures from another world for short periods of time work well in Traykon due to this proximity. Sages have theorized that Traykon actually floats along the edge of the Material Plane and the world touched is constantly changing. Since the ancient portals which first drew people into Traykon are rumored to still exist, it is believed that once those portal sites align when rubbing the Material Plane they open, sucking in whatever living entities are nearby.

Inner Planes

The Elemental and Energy planes make up the inner sphere of the multiverse. Traykon's exact position wedged between the walls of existence is known only to the gods (some of them seem to disagree). Elemental powers flow freely into Traykon without any apparent direct conduits. Sages believe this free flow of energy means that somehow Traykon is connected without restraint to all Inner Planes. This free flow of power also applies to the Positive and Negative energy planes.

The Void

Somewhere within the center of the Negative Energy Plane, a place exists where everything breaks down into the cosmic nothingness from which all creation sprung. This area is simply known as The Void. All that is known about it is that nothing that passes into it ever returns. The Umbral Citadel is said to have a conduit which opens directly to The Void. The Unnamed One is rumored to be the Guardian of The Void as he actively limits any access. Some theologians believe that before anything existed there was only The Void and that all of creation sprang out from a rupture to form what we know now as the cosmos. The more morbid minded believe all things will eventually be sucked back into The Void.

Outer Planes

The various home planes of the gods. While deities (and others with their help) can travel from the Outer Planes to Traykon, only gods may make return trip without the aid of Ulan. In the center of the Ulvanic Keep is the Well of Souls where the champions of their patron deity have their souls cast into eternal paradise or damnation as depending on the tenets of their faith. Divine Envoys are often allowed free passage as long as they pay homage to Ulan. Any deity foolish enough to send an Avatar to Traykon finds that not even the totality of their power can recall the Avatar. It is rumored that Ulan has a chamber under his keep where dozens of Avatars lie dormant while under his protection.

Transient Planes

The Astral and Ethereal Planes are referred to as the Transient Planes since the normal medium of planar travel is through one of these two realms. All pathways to the Astral Plane is cut off in Traykon. Spells that require Astral contact still function in many ways but the spell-caster is shunted into the Shadowlands where further travel is impossible. Instantaneous travel spells (such as Plane Shift), and the working of certain magic items (like the Rift Blade), can open an instant portal to another plane without connecting through the Astral Plane. While Ulan can disrupt these spells and abilities, he seldom bothers to interfere unless the same soul traverses many times.

There is only a very tentative connection between Traykon and the Ethereal Plane. The Shadowlands acts as a conduit to the Ethereal Plane allowing those abilities requiring someone to shift into the Ethereal Plane to instead shift into the border of the Shadowlands. While shifted into this border state, the entities are insulated from the denizens of the Shadowlands unless they intentionally turn away from Traykon and try to travel further into the depths.