Creation Domain

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Granted Powers: Touched by the forces of creation, you can draw upon primal forces to alter reality and draw matter from the elemental planes..

Touch of the Creator (Su): You cast Conjuration (creation) spells at +2 caster level.
Primal Taint (Sp): Upon reaching 8th level, once per day when you cast a summoning spell, any one creature you summon gains the Elemental Infused Creature monster template. The type of element is chosen by the caster as they cast the spell as a swift action. If more than one creature is summoned with this spell, only one of the summoned creatures gain the template. This ability only works on spells you cast as a cleric, it does not work on spellcasting ability gained from any other spellcasting classes you might have. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to your Wisdom modifier.
If you are summoning an elemental and use this ability, the elemental gains the Advanced Creature template. An elemental summoned in this manner takes on the appearance of an elemental lord, becoming instantly recognizable as a being of great power.
1. Unseen Servant Invisible force obeys your commands.
2. Minor Image Creates audible and visual illusion of your design.
3. Create Food and Water Feeds three humans (or one horse)/level.
4. Minor Creation Creates one cloth or wood object.
5. Major Creation As minor creation, plus stone and metal.
6. Create Demiplane, Lesser Create your own demiplane.
7. Create Demiplane As lesser create demiplane, but larger and with planar traits.
8. Create Demiplane, Greater As create demiplane, but larger and with more planar traits.
9. Genesis Creates a pocket demiplane. )