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Creature Types

Some creatures are summoned to Traykon or otherwise find their way through the intervention of mortals or strange chance. Some are even created by magic items or curses that can change the living into something else.

Mephit CR 3

Mephits are minor creatures from the elemental planes. They gain their connection to Traykon through the Shadowlands due to it's inherent connection to the Elemental Planes.

Cinder Ghoul CR 7

Occasionally found created by some powerful necromancer or undead, these creatures are most often found raised by the item Ashmourne.


Nightshades are monstrous undead composed of shadow and evil. Rumors exist that they are the spawn of The Unnamed One and act as his servants but if they act upon his direction there is no way to tell. Scholors are aware that there is more Nightshade activity in Traykon than has been reported from other worlds.

Nightwalker CR 16

The most common nightshades are the nightwalkers, long-striding giant fiends often found at the head of undead armies. They are the generals of the nightshade army, the commanders of legions and the organizers of the deaths of worlds.

Nightwing CR 14

Yet in places the nightwalkers cannot easily reach, the vast gulfs of the sea and the soaring heights of the clouds above, other nightshades rule. Above flop the immense bat-like nightwings, deadly in their own right yet content to serve at the behest of their stronger cousins. When these monstrosities come to the Material Plane, they swoop down in the dawn to take shelter in abandoned necropolises or vast crypts, emerging at dusk to prey upon nations.

Nightcrawler CR 18

As above, so do the realms below quake from the passage of nightshades. Here, immense nightcrawlers slither and creep. These Umbral worms do not often venture forth from the deep, forgotten caverns they dwell in, but when they do, entire kingdoms die as their nighted coils writhe and work their inevitable way through the population.

Nightskitter CR 12

This umbral mass unfolds a tangle of spidery legs and horrible mandibles, rising up to a monstrous height to bring its cluster of glowing red eyes to bear.

Nightwave CR 20

But for all of the nightmare potential posed by these undead paragons, they all pale in comparison to the mightiest nightshades of all—the shark-like nightwave. This monstrosity prowls the lightless depths of ocean trenches, gathering the souls of the countless drowned dead or preying upon deep aquatic races. Yet those who cleave to the shallows or ply the surface of the seas are not safe from the ravenous nightwaves either, for in the darkest night, these undead monsters rise up to harvest souls from ships and shore as well.

Yet even the dreaded nightwaves are not enough to fill the nightmares of great heroes. Rumors of more powerful nightshades are whispered fearfully in certain circles—creatures of such immense power that their mere existence can drain entire planets of life in a matter of weeks. If such monstrosities truly exist, then all life may be but a fleeting spark in the dark folds of a forever-doomed future.