Crime and Punishment

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Crime and Punishment

The following list of fines are for the most common crimes facing a civilization.  GMs are encouraged to create alternate crimes and fines for specific kingdoms using this list as a basis alone. Some kingdoms and civilizations do not recognize some of these crimes or have vastly different crimes based upon their philosophy and allignment.

Fines for Crimes Fine
Armed Robbery/Mugging 1,000 gp or 3 years
Attempted Murder 5,000 gp
Causing a Death 5,000 gp or 10 years
Disturbing the Peace 5 gp
Major Assault (with injuries) 2,000 gp or 5 years
Major Theft (over 2,000 gp value) 1,500 gp
Murder Death
Petty Theft (under 50 gp value) 10 gp
Public Intoxication 5 gp
Rape Death
Serious Assault 500 gp or 3 years
Simple Assault 10 gp
Theft by Deception 500 gp

Bailifs will normally hold someone in jail for one day per gp of fine they are unable to pay. It is not unheard of though for bailifs to hold people for up to five that length when they are also getting labor from the prisoners. Victims and their families have been known to also pay bailifs to hold people far beyond the time they should have been released. This type of corruption isn't seen often in the larger prisons of vast kingdoms but is common in small town and city jails.