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I no longer have the statistics for Ditan so I can not include his stat bloc.

Ditan was a half orc barbarian Chosen from the Northern Steppes. His reasons for leaving his homeland were never shared with the other players. Early in his adventuring career he encountered Drestal and joined with him as a companion. He joined with the others in the Drageen campaign group at the same time as Drestal. Due to various reasons, he did not accompany them on all of their adventures but instead would often go off on his own while they had grander adventures.

Most notably in his campaign career he died at the hands of a giant. Only Drestal and Mordrith of the main campaign group were with him. A choice was made and Drestal used his arcane knowledge to contact a devil to bargain for Ditan's life. The devil agreed and entered into a pact where it recovered Ditan's soul from the Shadowlands and returned him to life. In exchange, the devil would immediately collect Ditan's soul should he ever die again. Due to the nature of the pact, Ditan had to agree to it... and he did.

The particular devil who was contacted for that pact was cunning and vastly more devious than Ditan or Drestal. His corrupt touch on Ditan's soul tainted the character from that point forward. Ditan was a chaotic neutral character but after this contact he found himself making choices that made him slide toward evil. (Part of this was due to the options presented to him by the Game Master but some were related to the influence of Drestal.) The player dropped out of the campaign and Ditan became a NPC who ended up returning to the Northern Steppes for an extended period. The touch of the devil was turning Ditan evil and the devil's ultimate goal was for Ditan to influence others to spread the devil's influence in Traykon.

As a note, this was the first time Drestal made a pact with a devil but it was not his only contact with devils as he contacted them twice after to request boons and aids. The following pacts however did not affect Ditan as Drestal never contacted the same devil twice. The nature of the pact and the way Ditan was returned to life was hidden from the rest of the campaign group. Mordrith was fooled into thinking Drestal had gained a boon from one of the denizens of the Shadowlands. Had Kaylee known of the pact she would have most probably disassociated with both characters and possibly tried to kill Ditan due to the manner by which he defied death.