Dwarf Pantheon

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The first Dwarves began to appear in Traykon early during the Age of Man, long before the first cataclysm. With their arrival, the Dwarven Pantheon begun to spread their influence to Traykon. It wasn't until the Guild Wars of 3015 Rhondal that the Dwarven Pantheon begun to strongly influence the workings of dwarves in Traykon. Due to some mysterious effects of the Cataclysm, the Dwarven Pantheon was greatly weakened and it wasn't until shortly after the death of the Dweirgir did the rest of the gods begin to feel their full power returning.

Clerics can worship the Pantheon as a whole without paying particular devotion to any one deity over the others. These priests are normally found in small mining camps or outposts and seek the betterment of dwarves as a whole. Pantheon priests can be any Lawful alignment and wear armor and clothing the color of metal or stone. They can choose any two domains that appear under any dwarf deity's profile.

Theldain Jadestone
Eternal Watcher
Lawful Neutral Celerity, Community, Law, Strength, Water Theldain Jadestone is the patron of the Sea Dwarves of Traykon. He is a kind and wise deity who teaches his children to be as supple as the sea mists and as strong as the storm driven waves.
aka Barak
Neutral Artifice, Destruction, Healing, Liberation, Protection, Strength Mariak has taken his place in the Dwarven Pantheon in Traykon only in recent years. He is a deity that cannot abide slavery or oppression so he works diligently to free those of his followers who live as slaves. He is worshiped by some of the other races as a god of liberation. Unlike the rest of the Dwarfen Pantheon, he cares for other races and not just the dwarves.