Elven Creation Myth

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Through the ancient writings of elven scholars that have survived the great wars and vast destruction, Elves hold the secrets of the worlds creation to be their own truth. Few scholars of other races have been taught this history but the elves hold it sacred. Although the original texts have been lost to the ravages of time, several translations exist. These hollowed tomes are held sacred by the elves and their locations are a closely guarded secret. Below is a one of the many translations from the ancient texts.

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The world was born in mists and shadows. Drawn to the primeval forest of this new world, the fey races found a paradise they could not resist. In the first age the land was a playground for the fey and all manner of dreams walked the world.

The first Elves were born from the breath of wind through the leaves of the World Tree. These eight elves were forms of beauty and grace which were created perfect. They were the beautiful beyond the standards of even the fey and to look upon them was to be enraptured and filled with love. Even the fairy nobility revered and loved those they named the Immortal Ones.

Centuries passed and the Immortal Ones traveled the world charming not only the creatures but also the spirits of the land. Their existence drew the attention of the dark powers that ruled from the shadows. Immortal Ones spread goodness and love wherever they went, pure anathema to those who survive on lies and deceit.

A powerful Banshee named Uvautou watched the Immortal Ones and despaired. Anguish and pain filled her being as she fled to the Mountain of the Gods to beseach them for relief from her despondency. Under the shadow of the World Tree she screamed her lament to the firmament. A dark god heard her cries and whispered to her the secret of corrupting the Immortal Ones. Bestowed upon Uvautou was the power and knowledge to lure the Immortal Ones away from the light and introduce chaos and mortality into their perfection.

Ramau, one of the Immortal Ones, was known to travel far to the north and spend years among the trackless forests. He was well known for his love of hunting and the way he seemed to become one with the forests. Uvautou chose him as her first conquest and possessed the body of a dryad to tempt him deep into the forest. There she seduced him and whispered of forbidden pleasures they could share. In the heart of the forest Ramau killed all manner of animals, not for food or necessity, he took these animals as continual proof of his love for the dryad. Uvautou, in the form of his beloved, bore several children to Ramau. After many years, and after thousands of animals had been slain for pride and pleasure, Uvautou reminded Ramau of his actions and decried that they were evil. Suddenly unencumbered by the geas laid upon him, Ramau cried out in despair at the realization of his actions while the form of the dryad vaporized before him.

Those children born during the years while Ramau was in the thrall of lust remained behind. They were imitations of their father without the glorious perfection. Ramau realized his children, like the hundreds of animals he had killed were mortal. Ramau charged his children with preserving the land. He taught them how to live in the forests without disturbing the plants or animals. They were taught to hunt only as a necessity and to use all that the animal had to offer. Ramau eventually left his children to atone for his mistakes but he left his great friend the Owl Father to watch over his brood. As their numbers grew, the children called themselves Na'Ramaua and they venerated their father as they did the land. Centuries later, other races would call them Wood Elves.

Uvautou chose her second victim of the Immortal Ones and moved swiftly to find a way to corrupt Sameliq, who was known to spend her time roaming the empty plains with the great beasts of the land. Unlike her brother, Sameliq was not a preserver of life but instead ran with the wolves and other predators of the land. Uvautou took the form of a male centaur and joined a herd of horses which were common on the plains. When Sameliq and the predators of the plains bore down on the herd she had joined, Uvautou stood her ground in this new form and with supernatural power drove off the wolves.

Sameliq was so awed by the majesty of this powerful centaur that she became obsessed. For months she followed the herd, watching the centaur in all his majesty use his power to drive away many different types of predators, both natural and monstrous. Finally she approached the centaur and told him how much she admired him. Together they traveled the plains and nothing stood in their way. Months turned into years and Sameliq discovered that she loved this centaur as she had no other, but the consequences of form prevented their love from joining. So Sameliq approached Shahara and beseached the moon goddess to give her a form so that she could share her life with her centaur lover.

On the next full moon, Shahara took Sameliq's immortality in exchange for changing her into a female centaur. Sameliq went to her centaur love and together they strode the plains in bliss. Soon Sameliq's new form came into heat and she was impregnated by the centaur who was Uvautou. After her pregnancy began to show, Uvautou dropped her magical disguise and ridiculed Sameliq for choosing the pleasures of the flesh over immortality. Stung with her lover's duplicity, Sameliq tried once again to approach Shahara but the goddess was unwilling to undo what she had done. Instead of a foal Sameliq gave birth to two mortal elves. Sameliq, stuck in the body not of her own chose to raise the children as best she could. The other creatures called her children Wild Elves and so the L'sameliqu quickly took their place among the other wild creatures of the land.

Okigy was the third Immortal One Uvautou set her sights upon. He was a proud and noble creature who basked in the halls of the fairy courts and enjoyed his status and the love lavished upon him by the fey court. The seeds of his destruction were already planted deep within his soul so Uvautou had but little work to do. Okigy was known to seduce and enjoy the seduction of the fairy maidens. With just a small push from her granted powers, Uvautou made the seed of Okigy find fertile ground within the bellies of those many lovers he took to his bower. With dozens of offspring wandering the courts of the fairy nobles, the King and Queen of the fey called Okigy to their court and demanded that he cease his actions which were causing no end of jealousy and strife in the fairy world. Having lived a life of carefree abandon, and being used to having others hang on his every whim, Okigy was not used to anything other than love from the fairies. When confronted with his many offspring, Okigy claimed they were but fairy tricks as his seed would not find fertile soil in the belly of lesser beings. His pride would not allow him to see the truth the Seelie Court revealed to him. To make things worse, he insulted the fairies and called them tricksters who were seeking to control his beauty and glory.

Stung by the accusations, the King and Queen of the fairies cursed Okigy. With curses that often carry the strength of deities, Okigy found himself under the compulsion to gather his children and care for them. Known as the Okigyag, his children were banished from the fairy lands. Okigy took them into the forests and created for them a magical realm where they could live in peace above the influence of lesser beings.

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