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Creation stories for the Elven Pantheon vary, but the pantheon as group gained a foothold in Traykon during the time of the first great cataclysm. Widespread worship began during the Age of Darkness. With the founding of the kingdom of Teledorn the Elven Pantheon gained immense power by being the dominant religion of the magocracy. Many shrines are dedicated to the Elf Gods but their temples can only be found in large cities. Worship of these gods tends to take place in natural settings such as a sacred grove or grassy knoll.

Clerics can worship the Pantheon as a whole without paying particular devotion to any one deity over the others. These priests are normally found in small elven towns or outposts and seek the betterment of elves as a whole. Pantheon priests can be any Chaotic alignment and wear clothing the color of the seasons. They can choose any two domains that appear under any elven deity's profile.

Name Alignment Symbol Domains Notes
Wood Elves
Chaotic Good White Stag Animal, Chaos, Good, Plant, Protection Ramau is a god of protection and preservation. His followers believe in living in harmony with nature and the beasts of the wild. Many elven druids follow Ramau as his teachings are dear to the heart of virtually all druids.
Wind Elves
Chaotic Good Drawn Bow Celerity, Chaos, Good, Strength, Travel
Wild Elves
Chaotic Good Crescent Moon Chaos, Good, Luck, Weather
Snow Elves
Chaotic Good Broken Icesickle Air, Chaos, Good, Ice, Travel
Aqualtic Elves
Chaotic Good Fish Chaos, Charm, Good, Repose, Water
The Uncorrupted
Chaotic Good Acorn Chaos, Community, Good, Healing, Magic, Sun
Gray Elves
Chaotic Neutral Pine Tree Chaos, Glory, Magic, Nobility, Sun
Witch Queen
Neutral Evil Bloody Heart Death, Evil, Knowledge, Magic, Thaumaturgy, Trickery
Blood Elves
Chaotic Evil Curved Dagger Chaos, Community, Darkness, Evil, Magic, War