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Adventure Gear Magic Items
Unusual Materials Weapons
Armor Special Arrows
Trade Goods Alchemical Items
Bard Equipment Cleric Equipment
Mage Equipment Rogue Equipment
Anatomy of a Horse Services
Foodstuff Tavern Visit
Hirelings Houshold Furnishings

Players sometimes come up with unique ideas on equipment including new armors and weapons. In Traykon, weapons do not neccessarily fit into the common categories found in other campaigns. Due to cultural issues, weapons that are exotic, martial, or simple in Traykon may fit into other categories in other published works.

Adventure Gear Basic equipment used by adventurers for all occasions.
Alchemy Equipment For alchemists, equipment for their trade is paramount.
Armor Armors are important for combat and here is a full listing of available armors along with additional information.
Weapons A complete weapons table for the weapons found in Traykon.
Special Arrows Some arrows have unique uses or special purposes which make them useful to creative players.
Bard Supplies Bardic tools aren't just for bards. Performers of all types can use this type of equipment.
Cleric Supplies Priests need something other than just a simple holy symbol. This listing is for players who want to get the most out of their holy class.
Mage Supplies Mages need special equipment. Here are groupings of equipment and items necessary for mage classes to best utilize their abilities.
Rogue Tools Rogue classes have a lot of versatility and players can use many tools to augment their skills.
Horses Here is a lot of information about an overlooked member of a party, the horse.
Trade Supplies Not all equipment and treasure comes in the form of gear. Sometimes other valuable trade commodities are required in a campaign.
Magic Items A listing of magic items found in Traykon. Some of the items are fairly common but the lists here cover unique items up to divine artifacts.
Unusual Materials Items can be created out of stuff other than basic lumber or steel. Here is a list of exotic materials for use in the campaign.
Hirelings Listing of Non Player Characters that can be hired for specific tasks and duties.
Services A list of available services one can find in a settled area.

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