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Adventurers Guild Contract
  1. Every signatory to this agreement is entitled to one full share, unless a) the party, by majority vote, allows up to one extra full share for a being or beings who provide the party with information or services vital to the completion of their mission, or b) a signatory agrees to receive but a half-share, in exchange for protection, whenever possible, from physical or magical harm by those receiving full shares. N.B.: The latter clause is often a bone of contention when a dispute is presented to the Guild for arbitration. One who receives a full share must prove that he was in imminent danger of serious injury or loss of life if he fails to protect a half-share member of the party.
  2. A signatory forfeits any right to treasure if he: a) attacks another party member without provocation, or b) deserts the party voluntarily (those who have been spirited away or accidentally separated from their comrades are obliged to attempt to rejoin the party at the earliest convenient time.)
  3. A signatory forfeits one-half of the treasure due him if he a) does not perform according to a prearranged battle plan which does not endanger him any more than others in the party, b) is responsible for the death of a party member, c) is responsible for the failure to attain the goal of the adventure through an error of commission or omission, or d) is found to be stealing from the party.
  4. If a party member is killed, rendered incapable (e.g., comatose), or involuntarily removed from the midst of the party, that being's heirs are entitled to his portion of the treasure gained by the remaining party members (see clause 6 below).
  5. If a party member is killed or rendered incapable, the surviving party members are obliged to return his body (or what remains of it) to the place from which they started, unless forced to abandon the body because its recovery would imperil others in the party.
  6. If a being has not designated one to whom he wishes his effects and share given in his absence and/or to whom he wishes his body given in the event of death, the Adventurers' Guild will take responsibility for either or both.
  7. Monetary treasure must be converted into currency or specie and divided evenly amongst all shareholders. Any party member may choose to buy a particular item at value rather than have it sold to an outside purchaser; if more than one member wishes to buy the same item, all submit sealed bids, with the highest sum gaining its bidder the item in question.
  8. Each full shareholder may, at the beginning of the adventure, state one item which he wishes if the party should find it. Unless some other party member also wishes the item, the claimant receives the object of his fancy, but is not entitled to any other unusual or magical treasure.
  9. Each full shareholder is entitled to one unusual or magical item before anyone receives a second item. Partial shareholders (including those with an excess of a full share) may gain items before single shareholders gain their second items. A partial shareholder may gain items in proportion to one share (e.g., a half-shareholder gains one item every two rounds, if there are sufficient items to be divided).
  10. As long as the provisions of Clause 9 are met, the party may give an item to a particular member by majority vote. If no general agreement can be reached as to which person receives which item, a fair random method should be implemented to assign the items in order.

The Guild stands in for dead or absent party members; failure to provide a satisfactory explanation of why a person is missing by those present, can result in blacklisting from the Guild.  A blacklisted person may not hire from the Adventurers' Guild, and there is a 2000 gp reward for his apprehension and delivery for incarceration in the Guild dungeons.

The Adventurers' Guild will draft any contract in language acceptable to the local legislative bodies for a fee ranging from 10 to 100 gp, depending on the complexity of the terms of the desired agreement.

The Guild is willing to guarantee arbitration and enforcement of a contract which it has drafted. These services are free to a guild member in good standing (see below), as are copies of the standard Guild contract (see above). If a being wishes arbitration of a Guild contract, he must pay 50 gp per hour of arbitration (length is up to the DM and may require enactment of the arbitration); if such a being wishes the verdict enforced, he must state so when the Guild contract is signed and pay a fee of 500 gp.

When the Adventurers' Guild enforces one of its contracts, the beings against which it has been decided, have 10 hours to deliver the object of dispute to the plaintiff. Unless the arbitration loser has successfully petitioned for an extension to that deadline (which must be for a good reason), he must deliver unto the plaintiff or be blacklisted by the Guild (see above).

The Guild uses "Detect Truth" when questioning at an arbitration session.