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A profession often encompasses many smaller areas of expertise, and these auxiliary skills can come in handy in situations beyond just making money or answering tradespecific questions. Below are some sample additional uses for Profession skills, and GMs are encouraged to create their own.

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Expanded Heal Knowledge Astrology Knowledge Nature
Expanded Craft Knowledge Ritual Profession Herbalist
Expanded Profession Perform Practical Profession
Task Profession Skill DC
Determine hardness and hitpoints of a structure Architect or engineer 20
Prepare trail rations (takes 1 hour per day’s worth of rations) Baker or cook 10
Obtain a legal permit Barrister or clerk 15
Get someone released from jail who has been imprisoned for a minor crime1 Barrister 20
Ask a special favor from a judge (such as arresting someone) Barrister 30
Brew alcohol of exceptional quality Brewer 20
Notice poison in a beverage Brewer 25
Skin an animal and tan the hide Butcher, shepherd, or tanner 10
Slaughter and butcher an animal Butcher, cook, or shepherd 15
Reduce a legal fine or tax by half the result of the check in gp2 Clerk 20+
Cook a meal of exceptional quality Cook 20
Notice poison in food Cook 25
Find potential clients within an establishment or large group Courtesan 10
Assess a social hierarchy Courtesan 15
Continue steering a vehicle when you take damage Driver or sailor 5
Take cover (as the Ride skill) while steering a vehicle Driver or sailor 15
Identify a non-creature plant Farmer or gardener 10
Rejuvenate dying plants Farmer or gardener 15
Provide 1 day’s worth of food for yourself and others in the wild or trapper Fisherman or trapper 153
Recall the rules of a game of chance Gambler 10
Get a hunch regarding whether a game is rigged Gambler 20
Reduce an average or lower cost of living by 50% Innkeeper 153
Sate hunger or thirst for 1 day Herbalist 10
Identify common medicinal herbs Herbalist 10
Identify rare medicinal herbs Herbalist 15
Aid another on a Knowledge check using reference material Librarian 5
Recall the name of a rare book Librarian 15
Determine where an item was manufactured Merchant 104
Recall where a common good fetches a higher price Merchant 15
Safely deliver a child Midwife 15
Safely deliver a child despite complications Midwife 20
Grind a small piece of a nonmagical substance into powder hardness Miller 10+Hardness
Identify common metal or semiprecious stone Miner 5
Identify rare metal or precious gem Miner 15
Ignore half hardness when attacking a stone or metal object Miner 20
Increase carrying capacity for 8 hours as if Strength were 2 higher Porter 15
Unload a vessel in half the normal time Porter 20
Navigate a ship in fair conditions Sailor 20
Pilot a ship safely through a hazardous seaway Sailor 25+
Determine which scribe wrote a document Scribe 104
Copy a document (30 minutes per page; requires a blank book) Scribe 10
Illuminate a manuscript (1 hour per page) Scribe 20
Determine the quality of woolen textiles Shepherd 10
Determine whether a weapon or armor is of masterwork quality Soldier 10
Estimate the size of a military force Soldier 15
Identify advantages and disadvantages of a military formation Soldier 20
Keep horses fed in the wild Stable master 10
Fit or remove barding in half the normal time Stable master 15
Recognize damaged or sabotaged horse tack Stable master 20
Determine the quality of leatherwork (and tell if it’s masterwork quality) Tanner 10
Aid another on an Escape Artist check to get out of a trap or snare Trapper 5
Reset a trap in half the normal amount of time Trapper 20
Scavenge wood suitable for campfire or shelter Woodcutter 5
Ignore half hardness when attacking wooden object Woodcutter 20
  1. A major crime typically requires a trial involving a series of Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Profession (barrister), and Sense Motive skill checks, as well as appropriate Knowledge checks.
  2. To a minimum of 25% of the original value.
  3. Provide this benefit for yourself plus one other person for every 2 points by which your skill check exceeds the DC.
  4. Increase the DC by 5 if the item is from a region the character is unfamiliar with, and by another 5 if it’s more than 20 years old. Exceptionally rare or ancient pieces can’t usually have their origin identified in this way.
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