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While I didn't want to do a lot with changing skills, I found that many skills were underutilized. In many cases, I had player characters wanting to do things that would require new skills unless I modified existing skills. Most notably, skills dealing with herbs and healing were lacking in information and ability so I have expanded skills to give players more control over what they need to do.

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Expanded Heal Knowledge Astrology Knowledge Nature
Expanded Craft Knowledge Ritual Profession Herbalist
Expanded Profession Perform Practical Profession
Heal The rules for the Heal skill didn't really cover mixing skills and was overly limited in the definitions of what players could do.
Astrology Knowledge Since a lot of player characters believe in Astrology, and the only other skill was Knowledge Planes (which covered too much), this skill developed as a useful alternative.
Nature Knowledge Players needed something a little more about what they could do in the wilderness. We also had characters in our campaign who were basically "herb witches" that needed a way of quantifying their abilities.
Ritual Knowledge This skill was created for, and is used by the Ritual Magic used in the Traykon campaign.
Perform Other than Bardic Performances, there needed to be some expansion of the Perform skill. My primary campaign had a player character Rogue who used Perform nearly daily.
Herbalist Profession Just as with the Knowledge: Nature skill, this skill works for those various "herb healers" and "hedge witches" that were common in the campaigns.