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Over the years there have been many files and programs created to aid Game Masters in creating or maintaining their campaigns. Many of these resources have disappeared as the internet progressed and the hosting sites ceased to exist or transformed into new incarnations. Gathered below is a listing of files that are difficult to find but still useful for Game Masters and Players alike. I claim no ownership of these items and have gathered them here since they appear to have been abandoned to the ashes of the Internet Past.

Gameplay Aids

These files are meant to aid in the creation and maintenance of game sessions or campaigns. These sheets are in PDF format.

Guide to Herbs for RPGs

The Guide to Herbs for 5th Edition. Although this guide has now been converted to work with any fantasy game system, this has been around since Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition. This guide was written in order to allow a more detailed method of using the Herbalism Non Weapon Proficiency than that provided in the Players Hand Book (2nd Edition). It may be used only by characters with the Profession Herbalist or Knowledge Nature proficiency. Close observers will notice many of these herbs which first appeared in this document have made it into the "official" Pathfinder and D&D documentation.

Herbal Encounter List

Created by Frank Helle Hansen (and others) this list is handy for those who have players who like to use Herbs and like to look for them while adventuring.

Male Item Location Sheet/Femlae Item Location Sheet

Ever have a player who tried to carry so many swords they would rival a porcupine? These two sheets were created (male and female) to make your players think about where they are carrying items.

NPC Stat Block

This sheet is a handy way to keep track of important NPC information at a glance. It has space to keep relavent stats and combat information for up to four NPCs per page. Have PCs with cohorts or hirlings? This quick reference sheet is a must. This is also useful to have your party members statistics and quick combat information on hand so the Game Master can quickly peruse a character's abilities without asking the player to hand over their sheet.

Pack Mule Sheet

Intended to hold the information on the equipment players carry with them on pack mules or wagons. This sheet can be used to keep track of equipment gathered by the party and transported over the course of an adventure. Created by Dakkar Daemor (

Party Inventory Sheet

Another inventory sheet meant to keep track of what the players collect, I used this sheet primarily to keep track of equipment, goods, and wealth the party collected over the course of a campaign. At the end of each adventure, I would collect the sheets of "party equipment" gathered but not claimed by any one person and add that to this party sheet. Using this method, players who had an area to store goods would have a quick way to see what they had in storage without having to leaf through multiple adventure sheets.Created by Dakkar Daemor (

Town Forms

Created with the intention of keeping information on small towns and hamlets that the PCs would revisit handy, these sheets keep track of 2 settlements and allows the Game Master to note the limits as well as the principle inhabitants of the town.

Maps and Minitures

Printable Hexagon Page

This PDF is just a large HEX MAP to draw on.  Simple, yet well done, this file is a handly thing to have around if you have to sketch something out and need to keep distance in perspective.

Regional Map

This file is a good template to create a region of your campaign world.  The template is good for record keeping and DMs who have a variable campaign world will find it invaluable to have a few of these laying around when the PCs go out exploring their world.

Village Sample 1

This is a cut and paste village that is printable from your home computer.  Microtactix games has several of these printable pages available from their website but these are the only samples.

Village Sample 2

This is a cut and paste village that is printable from your home computer.  Microtactix games has several of these printable pages available from their website but these are the only samples.

Character Sheets

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook

Character Sheet

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game GameMastery Guide

Basic Rules Cheat Sheet
Campaign Sheet
NPC Sheet
Settlement Sheet

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Magic

Companion Sheet

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Campaign

Army Sheet
Downtime Tracking Sheet
Kingdom Sheets

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Mythic Adventures

Mythic Character Sheet