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Game Mastery
Character Oddities Player Survival Guide
Sewers Treasure
Character Quirks Honor
Jousting Mystery
PC Glue Piecemeal Armor
Plot Ideas Random Encounters
Crime and Punishment

Character Oddities

Often, players fall into an Archetype mindset. They believe all of their wizards have to be Gandalf, their barbarians Conan, and their knights cast in the mold of King Arthur's court. The oddities section has examples and ideas on how to make a character break from the archetype.

Character Quirks

Here are 230 quirks for your NPCs. Use them individually or mix and match them. Some of these quirks need a set up to make them noticeable by the group.

Crime and Punishment

There is no easy way to codify the laws and punishments for every town, city, and kingdom in a campaign. Here is a list of a few of the most notable crimes recognized virtually everywhere with their associated punishments.


Codified system for players to have "honor" play a role in the campaign. This is analogous to reputation and can be used to expand upon social interaction in your campaigns.


Rules and information on how to do chivalrous jousting. Since this isn't normal combat where the contestants are trying to kill each other, the basic rules for hit and damage do not apply.


High Miracles are only granted by deities to their most faithful followers. These powerful spells are given in addition to the priests' normal compliment of spells for the day.


A DM's best ally is a good sense of mystery. Maintaining mystery within an adventure can keep the players on the edge of their seat for hours. This file gives the enterprising DM tips on how to accomplish this.

PC Glue

Ideas that hold the party together.

Piecemeal Armor

Rules and guidelines for using pieces of different types of armor.

Player Survival Guide

Rules, information, and tricks to allow players to get the most out of their adventures.

Plot Ideas

A listing of strange or unusual plot ideas to get an adventure going with a little twist. Well worth the read as throwing a couple of these in a campaign can challenge the players preconceptions.

Random Encounters

Why does every wilderness encounter have to end in combat? This question and the solutions to the problems of stereotype adventures are in this file.


Life under the city can be made interesting, if of course there is a Sewer System there to take advantage of. A quick way to and from points of interest concealed from the city guard, a den of intrigue and network of corridors used by thieves and beasts alike. The sewage system leading from the ground drains to the system tend to be about 2' in diameter and almost always vertical accessed via drain covers, garderobes or cesspits, nice.


One of the more important but underdeveloped parts of the gaming is how the GM rewards the characters with treasure. Too often, the PC's find some gold, some silver, some gems, and some random magic. How boring! Treasures can be used to enhance player enjoyment and excitement in so many ways!