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(Lesser God)
God of Knowledge

Symbol: An Open Book
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Knowledge, literature, poetry, writing
Worshipers: Runeweavers, sages
Cleric Alignment: LG, LN, N, LE
Domains: Knowledge, Law, Luck, Magic, Rune
Favored Weapon: Dagger

In cramped rooms where scribes labor the sound of Ganesha's name can often be heard invoked by those beseeching his blessing. Ganesha is revered as the great scribe, he who records all knowledge and information. Although not revered by the populace at large, he is widely known and respected by the well educated.

History/Relationships: Ganesha is an odd deity in Traykon. There are only a few temples dedicated to Ganesha although virtually all libraries and repositories of writings have a shrine dedicated to the deity. He was an very powerful and important deity in antiquity. Records show that Ganesha was a major deity in the days before the Great Cataclysm. In the various cultures where knowledge was revered and considered the source of all power, his power and influence was immense.

The various dark times in Traykon's history have diminished both Ganesha's worship and his power. Other deities have risen to be revered by those searching for knowledge. Vusha is the latest deity to arise that challenges Ganesha's dominion yet the two are on good terms. They both seek to reveal and spread knowledge so each benefits from the workings of the other. His relations with Yggdrasil are much more complicated since Yggdrasil is known for secret knowledge and guards secrets well. Ganesha has no real enemy deities.

Naraska has the most complicated relationship with Ganesha of other deities. She is known as his occasional concubine and is often depicted as a dark seductress who courts Ganesha for his great knowledge. As the goddess of forbidden knowledge, Naraska seems to naturally be an ally of Ganesha but their priests often strive against one another.

Dogma: Ganesha teaches that knowledge is sacred. He exhorts his followers to preserve knowledge whenever possible. No knowledge should ever be destroyed and all knowledge should be made available to those who seek it.

Avatar: Unlike other deities, if Ganesha has an avatar it has never made itself known. His priests claim that Ganesha is always somewhere in Traykon, writing in his books. Ancient depictions show him as the scribe of the Ivory Citadel in legendary Pharysia. It is said that he documented a living history of Traykon and remained in the Citadel when it was destroyed in dragon's fire. The faithful believe that he rescued the annals of Traykon's history and now sits in a continues his great work. If his avatar manifests in this manner, none know where the great library may exist.