Goblin Pantheon

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The goblinoid deities of Traykon.

Name Alignment Symbol Domains Notes
Tsenag Chaotic Good Broken Arrow Animal, Charm, Protection Tsenag is the goddess of hunting as well as the goblin goddess of love. She teaches her followers to be independent, strong, and wild.
Lord of the Sky
Lawful Neutral Spiked Wheel Community, Glory, Law, Strength, War, Weather Known as the father of Hobgoblins, Kamut is often seen as the father of the goblin races. Nobel and strong, he represents the ideal that all Hobgoblins strive to attain.
Great Mother
Chaotic Neutral Empty Bowl Healing, Knowledge, Magic Wife of Kamut and mother of Tsenag and Bogorut, she is the goddess of hearth and magic. Her sister is Tesdel the Corruptor who stole into Kamut's bed to father her own child out of jealousy.
Alu'Dalar Lawful Evil Skull Darkness, Death, Disease, Earth Believed to be the lost sibling of Negamr and Kamut, Alu'Dalar is the god of death and the afterlife. His connection to the other goblinoid deities is tenuous at best as he covets Kamut's position. Tesdel is sometimes his consort.
The Corruptor
Neutral Evil Dagger Darkness, Magic, Trickery The jealous siter of Negamr, Tesdel disguised herself and visited Kamut in the night while her sister was away. She seduced the god by drugging him and pretending to be his wife coming to heal him in his time of weakness. She birthed the lesser race of Goblins.
Bogorut Chaotic Evil Black Starburst Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Strength The son of Negamr and Kamut, Bogorut was born after Tesdel's treachery was known. In a fit of rage and grief, his parents coupled while fighting and their passions were passed on to their child. He is the father of the Bugbears.
The Death of All
The Reckoning
Chaotic Evil Broken Sheild Destruction, Void Stalker is a mysterious demigod with little concern or care of other deities. He is a force of destruction that seems to exist only to hunt and kill other demigods and lesser deities. It is believed he is the child of Alu'Dalar and Tesdel but none know for sure. He has no clerics.