Guardians of the Grave

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Guardians of the Grave Children of the Land
The Guild The 9
Starless Knight

The Guardians have sworn an oath to protect the order of the universe from the destructive influence of the undead. They do not serve a single deity but do owe special reverence to Ina Po and Ulan. They draw their strengths from all deities who oppose the undead and their creators.

The Guardians of the Grave started in a single monastery eons in the past. It is said the progenitor was a singularly devout monk whose mission was to roam battlefields and bury the dead. This goal would become problematic when the dead would rise. With divine aid, he would lay the dead to rest and clear the fields of bodies. It didn’t take long for others to join with him to lay bodies to rest.

A fraternity arose that gathered together disparate individuals who shared the goal of returning bodies to rest. Gathering together under the influence of Ulan and Ina-po, the ranks grew and their members spread out across the land.


Members who are Paladins usually take levels in the [Undead Scourge], [Ghost Hunter], or similar archetypes.


Monk members can take levels in [Spirit Master] archetype or similar.


Ranger members either have undead as their favored enemy or have the [Corpse Hunter] archetype.