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God of Arcanna, Father to the First Mages

Symbol: A Crown of Thorns.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Advancement of Arcane Might, Protection
Domains: Magic and Protection
Favored Weapon: Bastard Sword
Special Followers: Knights of Thorne

Jharlamak, long forgotten god of arcanna, father to the first mages, also known as Thorne. 8000 years ago, this god was there when the first elven wizards learned magic from the Dragons. As civilization progressed, humanoids began utilizing more and more magic. Other gods entered into the world, Ganesha, Naraska, and Ina Po began ministering to the wielders of magic. Jharlamak was becoming forgotten as the other gods spread across the world.

Even with a dwindling worshiper base, Jharlamak wouldn't leave his beloved children alone. He watched as the Dragon's drove his children from the Viarac Mountain range. His children began to spread out and the magic was getting lost as racial strife and survival in a hostile world became the imperative. Using what influence he still held over his children through his few remaining priests, Jharlamak drew the races together in a grand Mage Guild.

Seeing that his priesthood was about to become extinct, he convinced Zerhtain, his Hight Templar, to become his chosen warrior. He founded the Knights of Thorne and sent them into the world to join with the mages as guards and companions. Jharlamak willingly allowed his priesthood to dwindle and then die out as the Knights became his favorites.

The advent of the Magewars saddened Jharlamak. His chosen served both sides and were now forced to fight one another. Jharlamak was pained each time his power was used against itself. The atrocities grew and grew as did his pain. Finally, he decided to draw his power back and abandon the mages to their war.

After Jharlamak had removed his hands from the world, he could only watch helplessly as T'lor was created. Frustrated, he watched as T'lor found subjects and recruited the aid of the Fallen to assist him in his crusade. When T'lor sundered the magic and instituted The Veil, Jharlamak wept.

Jharlamak waited for a time when his children could reenter the world. That day has finally come. The Veil has weakened and magic has begun to be focused again in the world. But Jharlamak knows that the magic will not go unopposed. T'lor has awakened from his slumber and is rallying the remnants of his former priesthood. Jharlamak knows that the only way to prevent the T'loric Priests from sundering the magic again is to return its protectors.

History/Relationships: Jharlamak is newly returned to the world. He has no priests due to his weakened state. He sends all of his divine power to the Knights of Thorne instead of granting it to clerics. Gods like Ina Po and Ganesha aid Jharlamak when they can. T'lor commands his priests to destroy Jharlamak's knights whenever they can. Magehunters resent Jharlamak due to their ancient relationship.

Dogma: Jharlamak teaches that his children should protect magic users. The Knights of Thorne follow a strict code that sums up Jharlamak's teachings.

Thorne's Code

1 Thou shalt follow the will of Thorne.
Thorne's will must be served.  A Knight must adhere to the code at all costs.
2 Protect thy charges with vigilance and courage.
A Knight of Thorne must place the life of those he protects above his own.  If the Knight fails to protect his charge, he must then avenge his charge.  A knight cannot knowingly allow any permanent harm to come to either his charge or another Knight of Thorne.
3 Provide thy charge the guidance of Thorne
A Knight of Thorne surrenders his life to the service of the one he chooses as his Charge. Acting as both advisor and teacher, the Knight's duty is to guide the Charge to a deeper understanding of the arcane.
4 Honor shall rule your life.
A Knight of Thorne shall live an honorable life.  A dishonorable act dishonors Thorne.  A Knight of Thorne shall never attack an innocent.  A Knight of Thorne shall never lie to his charge or a fellow Knight.  Challenging an enemy is to engage in honorable combat. No assistance will be rendered for either combatant. If thy combatant does not agree to the terms then they are to be vanquished by any means necessary. If at any time during combat thy enemy breaks the code of the challenge then you are no longer bound to follow it.
5 Thou shall not suffer the dishonorable to live.
A Knight of Thorne shall not allow those who have wronged him to live.  If a Knight's Chosen betrays him, then the chosen shall be destroyed at all cost.  Those who harm a Knight of Thorne become the enemy of ALL Knights of Thorne.
6 Those who threaten Thorne must suffer thy wrath.
Thorne has many enemies.  The Fallen and the enemy T'loric Priests must be destroyed wherever they are encountered.  Under no circumstances may a Knight of Thorne allow one of these individuals to escape.
7 Thou shall not chose to serve another's mage.
Each Knight of Thorne chooses his own Mage to serve.  Under no circumstances may two Knights chose to serve the same mage.  Allied mages may each have a Knight of Thorne chose them but the Knight owes allegiance to only one mage.  If a Knight of Thorne discovers that a mage that he serves has the service of another Knight of Thorne, he must leave that mage.  Errant Knights may apprentice under an established Knight of Thorne.  In this case, they are not serving a mage but are server another of their kind.  A Knight errant must leave the apprenticeship of their mentor as soon as they have found a suitable Charge.