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The chivalrous act of charging an opponent with a long stick.

The Charge

The person with the longest lance is the first to strike, the person with the highest roll to hit, if the lance is the same length.

The Hit

An average of the defenders STR&DEX against the attackers STR (i.e. Defender Av=12.......Attacker Str=14 therefore the attacker has a +2 modifier). The chance to stay on the horse is (5+Level of Attacker+Modifier). A critical hit and rider staying on the horse, leads to the lance smashing on impact, only fall from the horse on a critical hit.

The Fall

Taking a fall results in damage from the lance and a reflex save DC 15 to avoid further injury.

Injury Table (1D10)

1-2 Concussion. Bed rest for 1 day. Maybe temporary loss of sigh, grogginess, etc.
3-4 Unconcious for 1d6-1 hours, then concussion.
5 Serious. Unconcious for 3-5 days, then concussion
6-7 Fractured bones. (Roll Below) Dex+Str -1d6 Weeks to heal.
8-9 Dislocated Joints. Dex-1d4 days to heal
10 Broken Bones. (Roll Below) Dex+Str -1d4 weeks to heal. -1d4 CON till  healed

Broken Bones (1D12)

1-2 Minor. Wrist, Ankle, Finger etc *=CON Check to live
3-4 Leg
5 Pelvis
6 Spine *
7-8 1d6 Ribs
9 Skull (-1 Int Permenant)
10-11 Arm
12 Neck (instant death)