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Ruled by The 9, the mysterious grand druids of Traykon, Kashagar is the oldest kingdom in Traykon. Its founding is written of on a standing stone in the capital of Celestrie. The ancient runes on the stone are magical in nature and only powerful druids know the secret of what is written. Some say that Kashagar was first formed over twenty thousand years ago during the Age of Wonder. Myth has it that the first Elves formed a community and to appease the Great Wyrms that ruled Traykon sanctified it and bound the inhabitants to the land. Scholars believe that Druids have always held power in Kashagar.

Although they are a small country in terms of geographical area, Kashagar has a formidable army. In times when Kashagar is threatened, The 9 are capable of summoning thousands of wild animals to their aid. Hundreds of humanoid inhabitants also are capable of taking up arms in defense of their homes. In past wars, Kashagar has been able to field whole battalions of Gnolls and Hill Giants in its defense. When Yarra attacked Kashagar recently, The 9 showed the world yet another power of war by unleashing a magical storm that decimated Yarra's overwhelming army.

The citizens of Kashagar are diverse lot. The kingdom has gone through vast changes in its racial makeup and today is mainly populated by humans and wind elves. There are no codified laws so most individuals who settle in Kashagar are independent and self-reliant. Due to the druidic influence, every citizen shows at least a healthy respect for the natural world. Children are taught while growing up not to be wasteful or overly destructive. Both logging and mining operations take place within Kashagar but they are always undertaken with a thought to preserving nature's balance. Someone who tried to "clear-cut" a forest in Kashagar would meet a cold reception from the inhabitants.

Kashagar holds a unique place among Traykon's kingdoms. The northern barbarian tribes often trade with Kashagar and have never raided its borders. All other kingdoms that border the wildlands must patrol their border and must deal with the occasional raid. Twice a year, merchant caravans head north out of Celestrie and meet representatives from various barbarian tribes to trade and barter. The hides and bone work of the barbarians are traded for the weapons and equipment of the south. This meeting takes place as Wolfspine, a jagged little plateau that observers can watch from miles around.



City of the Druids, is the spiritual home of Druids in Traykon and the capital city of Kashagar. Celestrie is a wonder of nature. It is a treetop village built several millennia ago in the branches of oversized trees. The Old Forest has remained undisturbed and the city has grown with the trees. Now Celestrie has a dozen levels and throws a shadow over a mile of forest floor. Geareth Uthum, one of The 9, is the acknowledged ruler of Celestrie although he prefers to let all inhabitants live in peace. Celestrie is the center of all trade for Kashagar and home of the Hearth Stone, the Standing Stone that is keyed to the Boundary Stones of Kashagar.


A subterranean city in the northern hills of Kashagar. The city is inhabited mostly by Dwarves but there is a large population of Goblins and Orcs who live within the cities protection as well as a few Blood Elf families. Setta Darklight is the elected "mayor" of the city. Setta is a female Blood Elf Druid and is rumored to be one of The 9. Mat'huat was originally carved out of the earth by the hands of a long dead dwarven subrace. Mat'huat maintains an fairly large population due to the massive mining operations that keep the city wealthy and important.

Items of Importance

Boundary Stones

The Boundary Stones were created four thousand years ago by the ruling druids. Human civilization was creeping north and unwelcome settlers were clearing large areas to build their homes. The Druids of Traykon saw their refuge threatened and sought to stop the incursions without crippling their kingdom. Ghenin Livingstone, the leader of The 9 spent a month in secluded fasting to communicate with the "spirit of the land" and discover a way to protect Kashagar. When he emerged from his fasting, he had attained the secret of enhancing Standing Stones to encompass a larger area. For two years, The 9 labored at erecting special Standing Stones that were to be infused with the power that Ghenin had acquired. Once complete, the 9 met in Celestrie to perform the ritual that would tie the stones together in one purpose. The result of their week long ritual was that anyone crossing the border of Kashagar with hostile thoughts towards the Druids or the land immediately trigger the protective spells in the Stones. Any druid within the borders of the kingdom become aware of the trespass as well as the location and nature of the trespasser. A Hearth Stone was placed in the center of Celestrie and all Boundary Stones are tied to it. Any druid in Celestrie may touch the Hearth Stone and "see" any event transpiring within 1 mile of a Boundary Stone.

Sacred Groves

Several Sacred Groves exist within the boarders of Kashagar. People who live near these sites always know exactly where they are located and make sure to give the area a wide berth. Sacred Groves area always maintained by at least one local druid who cares for the site and the surrounding land. Visiting druids may use another's Sacred Grove with permission but intruders are always swiftly punished. A Sacred Grove that has been desecrated draws the attention of The 9 and the person(s) responsible are made to pay for their actions.