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Born in the southern town of Corsan, a small community of artisans and craftsmen under the control of the Ogre enforcers from the Dragon Mountains. Kaylee grew up in working in the town silversmith shop. Never knowing her parents, Kaylee was taken in by the elder craftsmen of the town. Her two friends while growing up in this town were Mordrith, an apprentice blacksmith, and Corin, a rogue who survived by using his superior wits. Together, the three orphans harassed the Ogres and tried to make each others lives bearable. It was during this time that Kaylee found her calling as a devoted follower of Ina Po.

Kaylee learned to work silver and other precious metals. Jewelry and "trinkets" flowed from the silversmiths workshop. Ocasionally, she would craft something special to either keep for herself or give to Corin to sell at Kazant. Her group of friends worked together to support the aged and infirm of the town. Mordrith would use his position of power in the forge to give Kaylee extra silver to ply her trade.

Late one summer night, while assisting Mordrith in creating a silvered warhammer, one of the Ogre overseers took an interest in their late night excursions. When the Ogre uncovered their hidden stash of money and items, Mordrith smashed the Ogre's skull in with the newly forged hammer. This act of violence would make their further survival in the town impossible. That night, Mordrith, Kaylee, and Corin set out with their wagon and small stash of supplies and headed north.

They fell in with a group of traveling craftsmen and traveled from festival to festival heading away from their troubles in the south. Throughout their travels, they ran afoul of several groups and made more than one enemy before arriving in the trade town of Corigsant. There, Kaylee discovered a dilapidated temple to Ina Po run by an ancient priestess. Kaylee threw herself into the temple and restoring the goddess to her former glory. About the same time, a traveling mage named Drestal joined forces with the group and they began hiring themselves out as "problem solvers" to the local gentry.

After about a year, Mordrith used the money his group had salvaged adventuring as well as the proceeds of their crafting to buy his own forge and a modest estate for them. Time passed and they grew stronger. Kaylee became a full priestess of the temple and was assigned two devotees to assist her. As Mordrith and Drestal grew closer together, she and Corin began combining their resources. Kaylee used her position in the temple and the money brought to her by Corin to create an item glorifying her goddess. With this newfound prestige, Kaylee has become known in the town as Ina Po's handmaiden.