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Haroken is the name given to the civilization of Hobgoblins in the northern mountains. They have forged an empire that now stands as one of the strongest empires in Traykon.


Ruled by Druids, this kingdom is unlike any other in Traykon. It was an independent entity before Valislad rose. Kashagar is perhaps the oldest kingdom in Traykon.


This mysterious civilization was originally the stronghold of a Knight of Valislad who grew tired of war and retired to the north. His family and retainers went with him and others migrated there as time passed. Little is now known about the kingdom as visitors are made very unwelcome.


The empire of the sands, the Tuzsani empire stretches across the entire southern end of what was once known as Valislad. These desert warriors are separated into several tribes of fierce warriors.


The Human Kingdom of Yarr is a large and prosperous republic.

City States


The town of Aranaxium is unique in the land of Traykon. The ancient manor overlooking the sleepy little township is actually the not-so-secret headquarters of a guild of ruthless killers.

Citadel of the Word

The Citadel of the Word is the greatest temple to Aragon. It is an independent entity far removed from the intrigue and corruption of civilization.


South of Kashagar, where the river Glelwen joins with the major river Valliute, this city has stood for hundreds of years. It is a sprawling city ruled over by a council of nobiles each with their own minor army. Due to its location on the river, it is the largest trade city in Traykon.

Ice Keep

This frozen citadel is actually the center of the Frost Giant culture. As the only known Frost Giant town, all frost giant initiatives tend to emanate from here.



An island wreathed in mist and fog, home of the fairy creatures first brought to Traykon. The rulers of the island banished their land into the ethereal fogs millennia ago. Something happened to this self imposed banishment when T'lor created the Veil. Now the island is open to all who would brave the treacherous oceans and the fantastic guardians in an attempt to seize the old myths.

Northern Steppes

Ruled by barbarian clans and rife with monsters, the Steppes of Traykon extend from the northern borders of Yarr, all the way north to the Northern Barrier Range, and sweeps west all the way to the great frozen marshland of Evermire. Although it covers a vast area, it is not ruled by any kingdoms but instead by diverse humanoids clans. There are a few small trading outposts throughout the land and the town of Lillivarn in the kingdom of Kashagar serves as a permanent trading post that is considered neutral ground to the warring clans of the steppes.

The Empire

For nearly two thousand years, the Empire has flourished. Originally a small underground kingdom, the Empire slowly spread across the largest continent of Traykon. The Naga forces of the Empire swept across the land and enslaved or killed all other races.