Knowledge Astrology

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Possessing this skill allows the character to have basic knowledge of planets and stars and how they affect the universe. An astrologer who knows a person's date and time of birth may study the stars and celestial events, and then prepare a forecast for that persons future. Normally, only the next 30 days are known as the chaos of the universe makes long range predictions unreliable. Only general information may be predicted using this skill. The DM must decide on the exact nature of the prediction as well as the validity of the forecast. Specific events cannot be determined by this method.

To use this skill, the character makes a skill check based on how well he knows the character involved. Intimate individuals (like a spouse or sibling) have a DC of 10. Well known characters or having the individual on hand has a DC of 15. General knowledge about a character has a DC of 20. Vague association or information carries a DC of 25. Information about the self has a DC of 30 due to the prejudicial nature of the humanoid mind.

Characters with 5 or more ranks in Knowledge (the planes) gain a +2 synergy bonus to the Knowledge Astrology skill due to their familiarity with the multiverse. Characters with this skill gain a +2 synergy bonus to Survival checks to navigate when the stars are available.