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A character with 5 or more ranks in Knowledge (Nature) may attempt to find herbs and other natural material to be used by both healers and herbalists. To find these items, the character makes a Knowledge (Nature) check (DC = herb difficulty + 5). Even though a character with the Nature Knowledge may find these items, he needs the requisite skill (Heal or Profession) to be able to make full use of the herbs. Characters may sell the items for 1/4 the base price listed for the herb in question to healers and herbalists for later manufacture.

Characters with 5 or more ranks in Knowledge (Nature) may attempt to use his knowledge to survive in natural surroundings. A character may find edible roots and berries to live on. Also, a character may make a Knowledge (Nature) check to avoid natural hazards such as quicksand and deadfalls. This skill also grants a character basic knowledge about natural animals. When in the territory of an natural animal, the character may attempt to avoid or hunt the creature with a successful check. This skill allows the character to simulate having the Survival skill. Use Survival Difficulty when making a check. The DM should feel free to add +5 to the DC if the natural surrounding is not familiar to the character.