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Originally, the land of Krond was a fiefdom created by an aged knight named Krond, the Virtuous. During the Magewars, Krond fought on the side of Saracman and the Mage Guild. He used his tactical knowledge and combat abilities to carve a position of power within the guild's armies. Taking an arcane sword known as Ashmourne, Krond used his wealth and prestige to leave the army and build a stronghold far to the north where he thought he would not be disturbed. Young warriors and craftsmen from all walks of life journeyed with the knight to help build and garrison his fortress.

Krond did not find the mountains empty of people however. Tribes of giants and hobgoblins soon fell upon his men and survival became a struggle in the harsh mountains. It took 12 years to complete the main fortress and another 5 to fight back the humanoid inhabitants of the mountains to allow the Krondites to live in relative peace.

Priests of Ormyr an ancient dragon god had accompanied Krond and his forces north. In celebration of the completion of the mountain fortress, the priests summoned the essence of Ormyr and asked for a gift for their lord. Legend says that Ormyr himself appeared to the priests and gave them 2 special eggs. From these eggs, the legendary War Dragons of Krond were hatched.