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The far western continent ruled by The Empire is a desolate hilly land ruled by the dead. Few living things can survive long in the evil aura that permeates the land. It is a land covered with scrub grass and tumbleweeds broken only by stunted pines and rare groves of ash. Scavengers like vultures and various rodents somehow thrive in the darkness.

In the center of the windswept hills lies a city only half built in the material world. A true necropolis, it is a city built by the dead for the dead. Nearly half the city has been built by materials from the Shadowlands, and with the unique properties found there, the city extends deep into those dark lands.

The land of Lorsternos surrounding the city is sporadically populated by various weak undead, without a leader or commander. Glamcatlos the Fallen flies over the land and none challenge his power. A few more powerful undead have migrated into the hills to pursue their dark desires. There are few roads or structures, other than crypts, outside of the city’s boundaries.

Within the sprawling necropolis, the city is broken down into zones of control. Greater undead lay claim to certain regions or zones and rule them as a petty fiefdom. A few truly powerful undead have set themselves as the overlord of several lesser rulers. Occasionally, powerful undead will have a disagreement that could erupt into a minor war between factions.

Being built by a combination of material from the regular world and the Shadowlands, the city is a mixture of structures that are real and those that are made of only a smoky semblance of reality. While the living normally cannot interact with material from the Shadowlands, those who spend much time within the city find themselves slipping further into that dark realm. Within a week, anyone who remains in the city no longer needs ‘‘ghost touch’’ items to interact with spectral creatures. Those who survive a month can travel deeper into the Shadowlands and leave the mortal world behind them. It is believed that those who survive longer than a few months lose the ability to interact with the material world, although that is only a legend as none have returned to confirm.