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There is a sound pulsing through your blood, a call to the wild and savage places of the world, where you are free to hunt and to kill to satisfy your bloodlust. You are filled with the desire to rend foes limb from limb with tooth and claw.


Demonic Corruption
Ghoulish Corruption

Lich Corruption
Lycanthropy Corruption
Plagued Corruption
Possessed Corruption


Lycanthropy is contracted from being savagely wounded by the teeth or claws of a lycanthrope, typically when reduced to less than 10% of your maximum hit points in a single combat with one. (This can vary with the power of the creature.) When you contract this corruption, note the animal associated with the lycanthrope, as that is the kind if lycanthrope you will become.


Lycanthropy’s progress is tied to the phases of the moon.

Each month, the moon is considered full for three nights. At the onset of the corruption, you must attempt a Will saving throw during one of the nights chosen by the GM. For each stage of lycanthropy corruption you have, you must attempt a save on one additional night, eventually needing to save on nights leading up to and possibly after the full moon. The DC of this save is equal to 15 + your manifestation level. If you fail a save, you don’t need to attempt more until the next full moon.

Failing a saving throw against this corruption causes you to black out, losing control of your character. During this time, your form becomes that of the associated creature and you give into your animalistic urges, hunting and killing with abandon. The next morning, you regain control, typically in the wilderness without any gear and soaked in blood. If you fail the save but your inner animal is prevented from running free, perhaps because you were restrained, you transform and attempt to run free without a save on the remaining full moon nights, and you also go out of control any time you shift forms during the days of that full moon.

If you last through it and remain restrained, your corruption doesn’t progress to the next stage. However, the DC of the Will save against your corruption progressing increases by 2. These increases stack each time this occurs, and they last until your corruption reaches the next stage.

Corruption Stage 1: The first time you lose control, you kill defenseless small animals, such as birds, rodents, and possibly even a dog.

Corruption Stage 2: The second time this occurs, you kill larger animals, such as a horse, a cow, or a pig.

Corruption Stage 3: The third time this happens, you kill a nearby sentient humanoid, at which point the corruption becomes incurable and you are doomed to live a life of lycanthropy, forever turning evil and becoming an NPC under the GM’s control.

Removing the Corruption

Removing lycanthropy requires you to slay the source of your corruption and, at the height of the next full moon, consume 1 dose of belladonna per 2 manifestation levels you have all at once. You must choose to fail the initial saving throw against the belladonna.


The following are manifestations of the lycanthropy corruption.

Animalistic Health

You are hardier in your animal form.

Prerequisite(s): Shift form*.

Gift: Whenever you shift forms, you gain a +2 bonus to your Constitution score that lasts as long as you are in your shifted form. Hit points gained from this bonus are lost when you revert to your normal form.

Stain: You take a –2 penalty to your Charisma score.

Animalistic Might

You are stronger in your animal form.

Prerequisite(s): Shift form*.

Gift: Whenever you shift forms, you gain a +2 bonus to your Strength score that lasts as long as you’re in your shifted form.

Stain: Whenever you shift form involuntarily, your body spasms and changes size, causing you to drop whatever you were holding and burst out of your other gear and clothing.

Items that can stay on throughout this size change might not fall off, at the GM’s discretion.

Feral Senses

You gain the senses of your animalistic side.

Gift: You gain low-light vision. At manifestation level 3rd, you gain the scent special ability if your lycanthrope animal type has the scent ability.

Stain: Creatures of the animal type (except those of your lycanthrope type) are unnerved by your lycanthropic presence, causing you to take a –2 penalty on Handle Animal and Ride skill checks. At manifestation level 3rd, these penalties change to –4.

Fur Armor

When in your shifted form, you gain a thick coat of fur.

Prerequisite(s): Shift form*.

Gift: Whenever you shift your form, your natural armor bonus increases by 1. At manifestation level 5th, your natural armor bonus instead increases by 2.

Stain: Whenever you shift form involuntarily, you shift as a free action but you spend your next round confused and must roll to determine your action. At manifestation level 5th, you are confused for 2 rounds instead. Immunities don’t prevent this confusion, and you can’t remove the confusion early by any means.

Greater Shift Form

You can become an animal.

Prerequisite(s): Manifestation level 6th, shift form*.

Gift: When you use shift form, you can instead take your animal form, as if using polymorph. Nonmagical clothing and gear don’t meld into your animal form. You don’t gain any ability score adjustments (other than those gained from other manifestations), but you do gain all of the other abilities granted by polymorph for your new form.

Stain: While you’re shifted, you’re treated as a lycanthrope and shapeshifter for abilities, items, or spells that target lycanthropes or shapeshifters. In addition, when you shift involuntarily, you can’t shift back until you spend a full-round action and succeed at a DC 20 Constitution check.

If you don’t succeed, you remain in your shifted form, automatically consuming a daily use of shifting each minute until you have used up all of your uses for the day.

Lunar Call

The moon’s light affects your mind.

Prerequisite(s): Shift form*.

Gift: Whenever you are outside and the moon is visible, you gain a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls.

These bonuses double during a full moon.

Stain: Whenever you are outside and the moon is visible, you take a –2 penalty on saving throws against emotion effects and a –4 penalty on saving throws to resist involuntarily shifting. These penalties double during a full moon.

Lycanthropic Empathy

You can relate to the creatures that share your type.

Gift: You can communicate with animals related to your animal type. You can use Diplomacy to alter such animals’ attitudes, and you gain a +4 racial bonus on such checks.

This bonus also applies on your wild empathy checks.

Stain: Your animalistic nature imposes a penalty on your Bluff, Diplomacy, and Sense Motive skill checks equal to your manifestation level (minimum –2) when dealing with humanoids (and other civilized folk at the GM’s discretion).

Shift Form

You have some control over your shift to a feral nature.

Gift: You can attempt a DC 15 Constitution check as a full-round action to shift into a feral form, with a bonus equal to your manifestation level. This form grants you a bite natural attack that deals 1d6 points of piercing damage if you’re Medium (1d4 if Small). You retain the use of your abilities and gear. You can remain in this form for up to 1 minute, but can revert back as a move action at any time. If the duration expires, you can extend it by 1 minute by spending another use of this ability as a free action. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to your manifestation level.

Stain: When you are struck by a confirmed critical hit and aren’t in your shifted form, you must attempt a Will save (DC = 15 + your manifestation level). If you fail, you automatically shift form on your next turn without attempting a check.

This consumes one use of that ability. You must also attempt this save if you take damage equal to or greater than your manifestation level while not in combat or before you’ve acted in combat.

Special: Upon receiving this manifestation, you must take both the gift and the stain, even with the useful corruption or vile corruption variants.

Silver Allergy

You’re resistant to harm, but can’t abide the touch of silver.

Prerequisite(s): Manifestation level 4th, shift form*.

Gift: When you are shifted, you gain an amount of damage reduction equal to half your manifestation level. This DR is overcome by silver.

Stain: When you’re not in your shifted form and you touch silver, including being struck by a silver weapon, you’re sickened for 1 round. Immunities don’t prevent this sickened condition, and you can’t remove it early. You can try to hide this aversion with a Bluff check opposed by Sense Motive.

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