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Several bands have risen to prominence within Traykon's feudal structure. A few bands are even strong enough to rival the great armies of the land.

Types of Companies

  • Swordsman:: Specialized Fighters who are elite infantry units.
  • Light Infantry:: Normally equipped with Short Sword and light or no armor. These units are the backbone of most armies.
  • Heavy Infantry:: Better armed and armored than Light Infantry. Pikemen and Axemen fall into this category.
  • Archers:: Archers can be equipped with Longbows, Shortbows, Crossbows, or Slings. Archer groups almost never wear other than light armor.
  • Mounted Archers:: These are the same as regular archers but usually ride light warhorses.
  • Light Cavalry:: Light Cavalry will be riding either Light or Medium Warhorses and tend to use weapons that are effective for "hit and run" tactics.
  • Heavy Cavalry:: These horsemen usually ride armored Heavy Warhorses and carry a lance or spear for maximum charging damage.
  • Irregulars:: Often called fodder by noble commanders, these units are poorly equipped and have no training. Few mercenary bands would employ Irregulars due to their short life expectancy.

Renown Mercenary Bands of Traykon

The Hoard

The Hoard is comprised completely of Hobgoblins. This elite mercenary unit is known for its grand tactics and distinct Red and Black uniforms worn by the soldiers.

Ge'alk's Marauders

Ge'alk Brokentooth was a Half-Orc Barbarian who was sold into slavery as a youth. Ge'alk won his freedom and now rules his ruthless band of mercenaries with an iron claw.