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(DM NOTE: Enforce the loss of level and Wisdom, otherwise players will try to abuse the system.)

High Miracles are only granted by deities to their most faithful followers.  These powerful spells are given in addition to the priests' normal compliment of spells for the day.  Casting one of these high miracles drains and permanently damages the priest (Fort save DC 30 or permanently lose 1d4 levels and 1d6 points of Wisdom.  Restoration and other spells will not regain these losses).

To gain one of these spells, a priest must be a devoted follower to his deity.  The priest must be 16th level or higher.  A priest also must have at least a 20 wisdom to even receive this kind of spell.  The devout priest must spend at least 2 hours in meditation, where he concentrates on the reasons why he is asking for such a spell.  If the DM believes that the priest is worthy, he may be granted the requested spell.  Also, a deity might decide that a spell must be cast, and grant the burden of the spell as well as the knowledge of how it is to be used.  Priests who refuse to accept the burden are guilty of a grievous ethos violation.

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Chaotic and Evil deities may grant this devastating spell.  It takes a full hour to summon up the powers to unleash upon the world.  Once this spell is cast, in a radius of 10 miles per level of the priest, the land begins to break apart and becomes inhospitable.  Great earthquakes wrack the land and volcanic geysers sprout to form lava vents.  Within a couple of days, the entire landscape has been transformed.  All structures are destroyed, living creatures who cannot flee the area of effect are either destroyed by unexpected fissures or volcanic bursts.  The Cataclysm runs its course in 4d4 days.

Force of Nature

This spell is only granted by nature deities; it is often granted to druids instead of priests.  When cast, this spell calls upon the spirits of nature to create an entity to protect the area where the spell is cast.  The entity is normally an Earth Elemental summoned from the elemental planes and given extra abilities.  The creature resulting normally has vast restorative powers while within the protected area.  It will allow other creatures into the area as long as those creatures do no harm to the natural ecology.  If the creature is destroyed or driven back, it will return within hours at full strength to make another attempt to drive offenders away.  Once created, the force of nature will protect an area for 100 years plus 10 years per level of the caster.

Harvest's Wealth

This spell is normally only granted by good or neutral deities.  This spell covers an area 1 square mile per caster level.  Where this spell is cast, the land benefits from good weather and extremely fertile land.  Rains are gentle and winters are mild.  Farms within the area produce 75% more crops than normal.  Animals fed and cared for within the area tend to be healthier and larger than others of their kind.  This effect persists for 1 year per level of the caster.  After the spell expires, the land suffers one year of poor productivity as crop production drops to 50% of normal.  Crop growth returns at a rate of 10% per year after that.

Nature's Wrath

This spell is normally only granted by neutral or nature deities.  To cast this spell, the priest must find an unspoiled tract of land.  Casting the spell opens up gates to various elemental planes and takes 1d4 hours to complete.  Once complete, massive storms surge across the land.  Hurricanes and tornadoes become common.  Driving rain becomes the norm, as winds gust in excess of 80 miles per hour.  Rivers swell and randomly breech their banks, and get rerouted.  Embankments made to hold back water, tend to break.  This condition lasts for 2 days per level of the priest.


This spell is only granted by evil deities, or deities of death or destruction.  In casting this spell, the priest creates a circle of destructive energies that radiate out from the location the spell is cast.  The radius is 5 miles per level of the priest.  Casting this spell requires the sacrifice of one sentient creature per level of the priest and takes one hour to complete.  All creatures within the radius of the spell must make a Fort save (DC 20 + casters Wisdom modifier) or contract a deadly disease.  The disease is debilitating and becomes fatal in 1d4 days.  Creatures must make a save each day they are in the area of effect or they contract the disease.  Creatures coming into the area must also make the save or contract the disease.  A side effect of the energies released by the spell, is that the land becomes infertile.  Nothing living will sprout from the land in the spells' radius for 10 years per level of the priest.  The disease effect persists for 1 year per level of the priest.  The casting priest is immune to the disease effect.


Any deity may grant this spell.  This spell is only granted when a powerful person or group does great harm to a deity, or his priesthood.  Once this spell is cast, an Avatar of the offended deity will enter the plane somewhere near the casting priest.  The Avatar will then seek out the offending people or person, and attempt to exact revenge. Vengeance could be as simple as the return of an artifact stolen from the deity, or the slaying of those responsible for the slaughter of his priests.  The DM must be the judge of what will satisfy the Vengeful Avatar and in some cases, the people the Avatar is sent after may placate the Avatar without sacrificing their life.  If a deity has been wronged by the destruction and looting of his greatest temple by a group of adventurers, the Avatar may be satisfied with the destruction of their stronghold and the scattering of their wealth.

Vicar's Gift

This spell may be granted by any deity but is more commonly granted by good or lawful deities.  The priest who is granted this spell, casts it upon an infant no more than one year old.  Once this spell is cast, it gives a divine blessing to the child that manifests as the child matures.  The casting priest also attains a mystical connection with the child that is akin to an empathic link between the two.  The priest knows the approximate location and health of the child at all times.

The child becomes immune to normal weapon damage, and heals at twice the normal rate.  As the child matures, it gains a +2 to every stat due to divine grace.  These children gain 1 extra spell per level if they choose to enter the priesthood of the deity granting them grace.  After the age of 12 (approximate, longer lived races gain it later), the child gains the ability to cast 1d4 cantrips as a 1st level sorcerer (provided they have an Int. of at least 10).  Upon reaching maturity, the child is granted knowledge of their divine nature, and may be called upon by the deity to complete a special task.  Completion of the task is normally not required, but refusal tends to anger the deity and his followers.